Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Apology and My Mailbox

I'm so sorry Ladies....I've been missing in action again....I really do wish I had been spending time at home....Stamping...but I've been in training for my new job!!!! Well, it's only a temporary job.....but the pay is great!!!! I will be working for the Federal Government for the next 4-6 weeks as a Census Taker. Training has been all this week, and there are so many rules......I've come home with my head spinning every day.....but it should be fun...or at least interesting....someday ...when it's all over, I'm sure I will have some interesting tales!!!!

So, as I have so much to keep on task for the big stamp show....I will keep this short today!!! I got 2 cards in the mail this past week!!! Thank you all!!!!

Melinda...thank you for the beautiful Thank you card...I love Black and Red cards...they are just so rich!!!!

And Phyllis...thanks so much for the "Just Because" put a smile on my face after a long hard day.

Last night was our Inkslingers Club Meeting, so I will post swaps and projects later!!!! I did part of the snacks....and had made everything the night home from work...only to find "someone" had discovered the pulled I fortunatly had a few extra minutes...and quickly made another batch!!!!

I'm feeling that I have stayed on task for the Stamp show...and it is all coming together!!! I got some wonderful affirmations from the show coordinator about last years that was so nice. It is a very long story...but I was very pleased with what she said...and very humbelled. I guess if we do wait, and are patient ...we to get rewards!!!! I know the Lord has been telling me that...I am just so bull-headed!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Snow..Snow...go away!!!...and a tip

OK...this white rain can be done with....This storm is just a little too much. Steven and I had to go out early this morning to pick up our Food Co-Op food...and it was nasty out there. Visibility is just not there if you get in one of those wind gusts.

Today is my Stampin' Free for All....but with this weather...I will be surprised if anyone stops by!!! I will be working on my class kits for my Convention Class. If you are driving by...please stop in!!!! is a good day to post a Tip, well, maybe more a reminder than a tip!!!! I was playing around with my metalic inks with the new Cling Mount With All My Heart stamp set....and they did great...I was so happy, because they usually cause such a suction between the stamp and the pad...but these did great!!! We sometimes forget our metallic inks...and these I stamped on Black(They really pop on the darker colors!!!) and then punched out with the new XL Fancy Flower Punch in the Occassions Mini....and it did quick and easy. You have until the end of the month to get these 2 items....and anything else in this Mini, before they are gone!!! I think this was my favorite Mini!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

April Snow Day

This was what we woke up to this morning.....And it has been snowing all day, and they say it will get worse later....Yuck!!!!

This is from my office window....the window well is almost full!!!! I'm just soo....glad that this is not the weekend of the big stamp show!!!! We don't want a repeate of last year!!!

Got a big box of supplies for my class for the show yesterday...and this is what the box looked like

Was very nervous as I went thru it, as there were mostly paper, but also small containers of eyelets, ribbon, and dimensionals....that would have easily come thru this hole...but to my surprise it was all there....I need to call SU this afternoon and let them know this is about the 5 box I have gotten in this condition.

OK...what do you think...Steven gave me a really neat sewing book for Easter...that had all sorts of ideas that I can change up a bit and use with the big Shot and Fabric!!!! This was my first attempt, I thought these would be great for my Grandaughters!!!

I used the Bigx XL Perfect Setting die for this one with one of the Lollipop Circle Flowers. This is so addicting!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Interviews and Club Projects!!!

Here are the projects that we made on Sunday at Phyllis'.

Great cards!!!! Can't wait to use them!!!!

Had another job interview today at the neatest school!!!Academy International Elementary School. Where were these cool schools when my kids were in school!!!! Keep your fingers's not till next fall and only part time....but I would have my foot in the door of District 20!!!! Cathy

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Swaps and Jobs!!!

Here are the swaps from last weekend....

Such talent....we do need to start signing the I'm not sure who's is who's!?!?! I do know that the boot one is Karens', the hammer one is Sandys', the antique car is Phyllis', and I'm assuming the pink tulip is Abbeys' as I knew she did pink, not a manly card!!! If you want to claim yours leave a comment!!!!

Got a phone call from the US Census yesterday...guess what...I'm gonna be a Census only fear is, since this is a rural area, I'm hoping I get a more populated area!!! There are some creepy areas out here!!! WE shall is next week....Then went and dropped off an application at Current....I would love to work there or Paper we shall see....but when I got home there was a call in from Academy Interenational School for an interview tomorrow!!!! I think this is a position for next school year...WooHoo!!!! And I just renewed my application with District 20 yesterday!!! So maybe things are picking up!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fantastic Day of Stamping

Yesterday was our Stamping Friends Stamp Sunday at Phyllis' Home...and it was such a welcome relief, I didn't realize how stressed out I was getting over the Rocky Mountain Rubber Hi much to if I don't blog on here for a few days...dont' get worryed...I'll try to get on at least every few days!!!! Yesterday was fantastic friendship, fantastic stamping, fantastic food!!!!, fantastic swaps, and fantastic projects......I still have not unpacked my I only have my swap and project....

Our swap theme was "Manly" this was my card....can actually be used for anything....but will do for a man!!!!

Our project theme was this was what I came up with....I just love this bird stamp from the Always set!!!! Most of the paper was discontinued older this is a good use to use it up constructivly!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Convention Projects

As most of you know....I am doing the Stampin' Up! booth at the Rocky Mountain Rubber today I needed to get the projects that I am doing a class for finished...or at least semi finished so I could send pictures off to the show that they can go up on the web here they are...I'm doing a 2 hour class and we will be making one of these cute, Photo Journal Folders titled "A Little Birdie Told Me" and then a little mini album .

Here is the outside of both the projects, ....

And here are the insides!!! Now I need to calculate product so I don't go over or under board on my ordering!!!! What do you think???
I think I will need to order a second Party Hardy leave me a comment or e-mail me one, on how you like the projects and I will draw for it after the show!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blog Contest winners....

Ment to draw these yesterday...and totoally spaced it....So Matt jsut drew ...and our winners are Kim Hetherington, Melissa Keese, and Phyllis Parker. I will put these in your bags that I will bring on Sunday!!! Congratulations!!! Cathy

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quick Tutorial - Flip Out Album

Here are some quick instructions for making this cute little Flip Out Album.

This is another one of those ultra quick gifts you can make using one of the Simply Scrappin' Kits....I just love these, everything comes together so fast!!!

For this one I used "Cool Kids".
* To start....cut a piece of plain or textured card stock, 6 x 6". Layer a piece of coordinating designer paper from the kit cut at 5 3/4 x 5 3/4". This will be your base.
* Next taking one of the 12 x 12 pieces of card stock, score at 4 and 8 " and turn it and score at 4 and 8" again. Cut out each corner square, and you will have a plus sign ( + ) left. Attach to center of base, and then go to it with your pieces and parts from the Kit...

You may have to do a bit of adjusting to the finall folds, as adding the embellishments changes the shape of the overall project...but this is a quick easy gift. It can be decorated with photos, or quotes or journaling. Enjoy!!!
Click on the Catalog icon on the side bar to see what the kits look like...there are lots of catagories to choose from...and Click on On-Line ordering to order direct. If you live in the Colorado Springs, or east of the Springs or e-mail me your order and save on shipping, as I always have orders going in. Thanks!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Mailbox!!!

Last of the Easter cards!!!!!

This one was done by my dear fiend...who I saw yesterday at lunch, Sandy Underwood. Thanks Sandy!!!!

And this beautiful card was done by Jenell...I love the embellishment...Thanks Jennell!!!

Lastly...this is one of the Easter cards I made...but did not send...they will be for next year, as I finished them up after I had sent cards out!!!!I have a funny story to share. Steven asked the day before Easter if we were coloring eggs...I haven't colored eggs in years...and told him no since we weren't hiding them for kids, and since he didn't like deviled eggs, I would just boil up a few for egg salad...he was heart broken... Our son Nick loves to make eggs on the mornings he is home from college....and so when he opened up the egg carten on Easter morning...these are what greated him!!!

Nick has a very dry sense of humor...but he really chuckled over this!!!! Good to see him laugh!!! Sometimes my hubby!?!?!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Thought I'd show off some of the beautiful Easter Cards I recieved in my Mailbox!!!!

This one was sent to me by Abbey Larson...I just love this little Frog!!!!

And yes Phyllis...I did get your card....some days I'm just brain dead...this one is by Phyllis Parker...I thik this is such a fun tree!!!!

And lastly, I just love this chocolate bunny...he almost looks real enough to eat!!!! This one was done by Donna Lougthridge....Thanks to all of you...I will post more later!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I digress

Well not digress...but it's not stamping related...but does deal with creativity. I do do other crafts from time to time.....I also collect Christmas decorations...and have a huge huge that over the past 2 years...I have been boxing it all up, putting it into catagories...and will be doing themed Christmases from here on out....too much to get out and dust!!!! One of the themes is Nutcrackers...I love nutcrackers ever since our Exchange Student Ulli, from Germany started giving them to me for Christmas, when she was here.....I don't have too many of them as they are kinda when I came across this Toy Soldior to make....I thought he reminded me of a Nut cracker and I thought he would be good in my collection...He came out kinda cute...with his stern littl face!!!

Well, off I go...I still have to prep for tomorrows class, and since I will be gone most of the day tomorrow....I better finish it up today....this morning was a wash...We headed out early to the Lab for Steven to get some Lab work done....he had been fasting since last we wanted to hurry so we could enjoy a breakfast...but got to the Lab , and the line was decided to do that another day...Then Steven had forgotten his insulin....and so we headed back everyplace else I could run an errend...was not open yet....he dropped me off at Wally I could at least get things there...and I left my list in the only managed to remember half of what I needed...He headed back home to eat....came back to get me and we hit the Falcon Banks.....We did get alot done before 10:00....but I so much would have liked to have gotten the in town things done!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lazy Day...

It's Sunday...and it was a rough week...with another one coming I'm taking it easy today....May even take a nap....woohoo!!!

Thought I would post a Sneek Peek of my Technique classes coming up!!!!
We will be doing Embossing Resist!!! One of my favorite techniques!!! If you are interested in joining us...we meet this month on Friday, April 16, 6:00 at Woodman Hills Rec Center East, and on Tuesday, April, 20, 6:30 at my home...with a $2.00 materials fee. It's a quick class and we learn a new technique each a page for our books, and make a card with that technique!!! Call or e-mail me for more details...I'd love to have you join us!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

So Sorry!!!

Sorry I've been quiet...have had classes, and job tests...and interviews...and just not sure where the time has gone to...I've been cleaning out drawers, and cabnets...and came across more past mail....

This one is a Thank you card in lovely Spring Colors I got a few weeks ago from my dear friend Donna Loughtridge....I just love the Spring colors...they make me smile!!!!

I came across a bunch of Christams cards...these 2 are from my good friend Phyllis Parker...I think the blue one was from this past Christmas...and the Green one from the previous Christmas....I always keep the past Christmas cards in a folder so if I need to get back to some of my friends who have added letters or notes...I can...But I think I need to post the hand made ones now that I have my Blog...They are all such works of art and I cherish them dearly!!! I willget better at that!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lost Swap Card....and my Mailbox!!!!

Well...was cleaning out some shelves...and finally came across the lost swap card from last week...

It's one of those cards that the scan doesn't do it justice....the white stamped areas are on window they came out really crisp!!! I love the hat pin!!!!

These are from my mailbox, back from Valentines and St. Patricks Day!!!
This one is from my Awesome friend Abbey Larson....I should have scanned it on red has a black border...very nice, simple card!!!!

This one is from a long distance friend in Illinois, Karen Bricker. She used the Slit Punch border that we did in Stamper's 10 this past year!!!

And lastly, this delightful St Patty's Day card from my dear friend Donna Loughridge.

I want to thank all of you...I love getting the mail!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Figured it out.....

OK...I figured it out...not sure how...will probably never be able to do it again...but here is the chart of the colors retiring!!! You are all gonna love the new colors!!!
Hello all you fabulous Stamper's out I have told a few of you in e-mails...I would publish the list of colors that will be discontinued in the new catalog in July....I had a really nicely done chart....but can't seem to get it to come up on the Blog. So here is the raw list!!!:) Don't be sad....if there are colors you can't live have plenty of time to get refills...and alot of the new colors are old ones tweeked!!! You will survive!!!

Color Renovation: Fond Farewell
Summer Sun
Apricot Appeal
Only Orange
Really Rust
Pink Passion
Pixie Pink
Pale Plum
Orchid Opulence
Lovely Lilac
Lavender Lace
Almost Amethyst
Bordering Blue
Brocade Blue
Ballet Blue
Brilliant Blue
Taken with Teal
Glorious Green
Handsome Hunter
Sage Shadow
Mellow Moss
Green Galore
Gable Green
Barely Banana
Yoyo Yellow
Ruby Red
Cameo Coral
Blush Blossom
Creamy Caramel
Close to Cocoa
Going Gray

Here are 2 of the projects that Paula showed us how to do at the Rocky Mountain Inkslingers meeting last week....she also showed us how to do the Sweet Treats...but I wanted to glitz mine up and haven't had time....will post that later!!!

I will be doing the Stampin' Up! Booth at the Rocky Mountain Rubber Hi Convention May 7 and 8. I am really excited that they ascked me to come back...and found out today that I will be doing a 2 hour class on Saturday, along with my Downline Karen doing a 1 hour stop by and scchedule my is a great Scrapbook Mini Album and Folder...I will post pictures when I get them done...We also will be doing demos all day at the booth using the Big Shot and Fabric!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Color Shake Up!!!

I was just telling a customer the other day...I don't think they will be changing colors...but ya never know....and what do they go and do...announce that they are re-vamping all of the colors....And they are beautiful....I can't post them to the web yet until Stampin' Up! does....but if you stop by the house, I can show you....You are gonna love them...some old colors will be returning...lots of the In-colors will be brought back...and there are 5 new colors!!! WooHoo, they are very beautiful!!! That is all I can Say!!! As I weed out my old product...we will have to have lots of give-aways!!! WooHoo!!!!

Here is our sneek peek of both projects for our Stamper's 10....

We seem to have a circle thing going on here!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Windy Day

Does the wind make me frustrated...I think it does... Hello ladies...have been a bit frustrated with all of this job today I headed over to the AARP enroll in a program they have to train and help place displaced workers like say a prayer...I'm pretty sure I've been approved for the program...just waiting on the last phone call...then I hope I get a good placement!!!! It's only part time and minimum wage...but that's better then what else I've been getting....especially since my unemployment is about to run out....This economy has got to turn around soon!!!!

Enough of are the swaps I got last week at the Rocky Mountain Inkslingers Meeting....

OK...I did a really cute card...and I made I'd have copies of it...and do you think I can find it.....And life gets more perplexing...I think I will stop while I'm ahead!!!

One last post...I just went outside to let Rusty out...and the skies are just grey with ...I wasn't sure.....So I went outside....Big wasn;t smokey smeolling which I was afraid it was....but after I came i all I could smell was it muct jsut be the wind stirring up the dust...but now My eyes are killing me...and I'm having difficulty off to take an allergy pill....Sure hope this wind dies down soon.....I feel like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz!!!