Monday, November 30, 2009

Catch up day....

Those Monday's after Long Weekends, seem to go on ...and on....and on!!!! As you try and catch up!!!! Did a little of this...and a little of that!!!! I did manage to get this Thanksgiving box done...I have a ton of Thanksgiving holidy stuff...I had planned on getting done...and just ran out of will be finishing them up in th next few days and getting them on here...I have also started up an Etsy Shop...and will be getting my kits and some cards and other projects on there to sell!!!! If I'm gonna make a go of this ...I need to do it every which way I can.....Once I have a few things loaded onto the site, I will publish the site address.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post Thanksgiving!!!

Yesterday was a busy day....Had my Stampin' Free for All!!! Sandy was hoping to come....but had to work....and everyone else was busy with holiday things....I should have changed the day....but forgot to do it earlier!!!! And my weekends have been I don't think there was a free day in there!!! I did get to work on my scrapbook pages, in between getting dinner ready...WE had our second Thanksgiving that it's probably just as good no one came!!!! I tend to take on more than I can chew!!! The pages were super easy, as I've been trying to use up older Simply Scrappin' kits I have in pieces and parts, left over from classes....These were really old before they came out with self adhesive dies....adn 8 1/2 x 11" format!!!! The new ones are so much nicer....and they make for very quick and professional pages!!!! Ended up getting 8 pages done!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Thanksgiving!!!!

I hope everyone had a Blessed Thanksgiving!!!! Ours started out rather interestingly. I was in the kitchen, working on pre dinner snacks that I was bringing to Kris'...when I had the sensation that I was being watched. I looked out the sliding glass door in the Breakfast Nook...and there stood a huge!!!! I quickly put Rusty in the laundry room, so he wouldn't spook him...didn't need him coming thru the glass...and then went to look to see if there were anymore, and to get my camera....There was another older buck and a doe....Went outside and got some good pictures..., although, at one point, I had to stop, as I think he was getting adjutated!!! They hung around for about 2 hours.

So that was my excitement for Thanksgiving...Dinner at Kris' was yummy, with Kris, Dale, Sarah and Abbey, and Dale's mom there, Nick brought Heather, and Matt came, and my Nephew Mike. Kinda a lazy day...but much to be Thankfull for!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OOPPSS...forgot one

Was cleaning out my bag from Saturday...and realized I forgot one last card...this was Kim's swap....
This was the front...and inside.....
This was one of the Oh, Christmas Tree Sizzix if you want one....let me know....they make great cards...and decorations!!!! Great job Kim!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

One More Post

I was finally able to get the items on sale for you can also e-mail or call me in your orders...and I will get them in for you....I know some of you don't like to use the on-line ordering!!!!
If you prefer, you can email your order to me and I will take care of you right away.

The first price is what it normally is, the second is the sale price.....It didn't copy the way I wanted it to!!!!

tem Description Regular Price Discounted Price
120280 Framed with Love Bundle

Framed with Love stamp set
Full Heart punch
$43.90 $21.95
120281 Thank You Kindly Bundle

Thank You Kindly stamp set
Scallop Edge punch
$29.90 $14.95
120976 Thank You Kindly Bundle (French)

Tous mes remerciements stamp set
Scallop Edge punch
$29.90 $14.95
120282 Animal Crackers Bundle

Animal Crackers stamp set
Star Designer brads
$25.90 $12.95
120283 Corduroy Button Bundle

Kraft Corduroy buttons
Pumpkin Pie Corduroy buttons
Summer Sun Corduroy buttons
Basic Gray Corduroy buttons
Chocolate Chip Corduroy buttons
$49.75 $24.88
120284 Game Night Bundle

Card Games stamp set
Game Night stamp set
$40.90 $20.45
120285 Four Square Bundle

Four Square stamp set
Scallop Square punch
$30.90 $15.45
120286 Heart to Heart Bundle

Love You Much stamp set
Heart to Heart punch
Pretty in Pink 1/2″ striped grosgrain ribbon
$49.85 $24.93
120310 Heart to Heart Bundle (Spanish)

Te Quiero Mucho stamp set
Heart to Heart punch
Pretty in Pink 1/2″ striped grosgrain ribbon
$49.85 $24.93
120311 Heart to Heart Bundle (French)

J’t'aime beaucoup stamp set
Heart to Heart punch
Pretty in Pink 1/2″ striped grosgrain ribbon
$49.85 $24.93
120287 Chipboard Letter Bundle

On Board Timeless Type
On Board Loads of Letters
$25.90 $12.95
120288 Double-Stitched Ribbon Bundle

Bashful Blue 1″ double-stitched grosgrain ribbon
Rose Red 1″ double-stitched grosgrain ribbon
$17.90 $10.74
120289 Ultimate Stampers’ Starter Bundle*

Best Wishes & More stamp set
Eight Great Greetings stamp set
On a Pedestal stamp set
Earth Elements Stampin’ Spots
Earth Elements assorted card stock (8-1/2″ x 11″)
Whisper White card stock (8-1/2″ x 11″)
Old Olive 1/2″ striped grosgrain ribbon
Flower Designer brads
$127.70 $76.62
120290 Build-A-Brad Bundle

Calendar Alphabet stamp set
Pewter Build-A-Brad
Antique Brass Build-A-Brad
$40.85 $24.51
120291 Enjoy Every Moment Bundle

Enjoy Every Moment stamp set
Circle Designer brads
Flower Designer brads
$43.85 $26.31
120312 Enjoy Every Moment Bundle (French)

Profiter de chaque instant stamp set
Circle Designer brads
Flower Designer brads
$43.85 $26.31
120292 Cheep Talk Bundle

Cheep Talk stamp set
Note cards
Pumpkin Pie Corduroy buttons
$42.85 $25.71
120293 Sock Monkey Bundle

Sock Monkey stamp set
Sock Monkey Accessories stamp set
Chocolate Chip Corduroy buttons
$58.85 $35.31
120313 Sock Monkey Bundle (French)

Sing-chaussette stamp set
Sock Monkey Accessories stamp set
Chocolate Chip Corduroy buttons
$58.85 $35.31
120294 Alphabet Bundle

Jayne’s Type Alphabet stamp set
Lovely Letters stamp set
$87.90 $52.74
120295 Simply Said Bundle

Simply Said stamp set
Old Olive 1/2″ striped grosgrain ribbon
Full Heart punch
$52.85 $31.71
120314 Simply Said Bundle (French)

Amitié stamp set
Old Olive 1/2″ striped grosgrain ribbon
Full Heart punch
$52.85 $31.71
120296 On Board Bundle

On Board So Tweet
On Board Batch of Blooms
On Board Essentials
$42.85 $25.71
120927 Christmas Décor Bundle #1

Holly Berry Wreath Décor Elements (Kraft, Real Red)
Real Red Vintage Ornaments Décor Elements
Chocolate Vintage Ornaments Décor Elements
$74.85 $44.91
120298 Christmas Décor Bundle #2

Holly Beary Wreath Décor Elements (Chocolate, Real Red)
Real Red Vintage Ornaments Décor Elements
Chocolate Vintage Ornaments Décor Elements
$74.85 $44.91
120299 Christmas Décor Bundle #3

Holly Berry Wreath Décor Elements (Old Olive, Real Red)
Real Red Vintage Ornaments Décor Elements
Chocolate Vintage Ornaments Décor Elements
$74.85 $44.91
120300 For All You Do Bundle

For All You Do stamp set
5/16″ Neutrals Jumbo brads
$36.90 $25.83
120315 For All You Do Bundle (French)

Merci pour tout stamp set
5/16″ Neutrals Jumbo brads
$36.90 $25.83
120316 For All You Do Bundle (Spanish)

Por todo lo que haces stamp set
5/16″ Neutrals Jumbo brads
$36.90 $25.83
120301 Striped Ribbon Bundle

Bashful Blue 1/2″ striped grosgrain ribbon
Pumpkin Pie 1/2″ striped grosgrain ribbon
Old Olive 1/2″ striped grosgrain ribbon
Pretty in Pink 1/2″ striped grosgrain ribbon
So Saffron 1/2″ striped grosgrain ribbon
Real Red 1/2″ striped grosgrain ribbon
$47.73 $33.41
120302 Bling Bundle

Sticky Pages
Sticky Cuts Sweet
Fine Supernova Stampin’ Glitter
Fine Galaxy Stampin’ Glitter
$43.80 $30.66
120303 Fresh-Cut Bundle

Fresh Cuts stamp set
Fresh-Cut Notes
5/8″ Neutrals Jumbo brads
$37.85 $26.50
120317 Fresh-Cut Bundle (French)

Fraicheur exuise stamp set
Fresh-Cut Notes
5/8″ Neutrals Jumbo brads
$37.85 $26.50
120304 Pendant Note Bundle

Pendant Park stamp set
Pendant notes
5/8″ Neutrals Jumbo brads
$39.85 $27.90
120318 Pendant Note Bundle (French)

Adorable parc stamp set
Pendant notes
5/8″ Neutrals Jumbo brads
$39.85 $27.90
120319 Pendant Note Bundle (Spanish)

Un dia en el parque stamp set
Pendant notes
5/8″ Neutrals Jumbo brads
$39.85 $27.90
120305 Sporting Bundle #1

Large Night of Navy Sporting Décor Elements
Night of Navy Just Sports Décor Elements
$67.90 $47.54
120306 Sporting Bundle #2

Large Chocolate Sporting Décor Elements
Chocolate Just Sports Décor Elements
$67.90 $47.54
120307 Sporting Bundle #3

Large Black Sporting Décor Elements
Black Just Sports Décor Elements
$67.90 $47.54
114864 Ginormous Flowers I Décor Elements $39.95 $27.97
114863 Ginormous Flowers II Décor Elements $39.95 $27.97
112534 5/16″ Neutrals Jumbo brads $7.95 $5.57
112533 5/8″ Neutrals Jumbo brads $6.95 $4.87
112081 Scallop Square punch $15.95 $11.17
113693 Full Heart punch $15.95 $11.17
113694 Heart to Heart punch $15.95 $11.17
112091 Scallop Edge punch $15.95 $11.17
112571 Circle Designer brads $5.95 $4.17
112579 Flower Designer brads $5.95 $4.17
112572 Star Designer brads $5.95 $4.17
114785 Small Wonderful Flowers Décor Elements $39.95 $27.97
114786 Medium Wonderful Flowers Décor Elements $69.95 $48.97
114791 Small Wonderful Leaves Décor Elements $39.95 $27.97
114792 Medium Wonderful Leaves Décor Elements $64.95 $45.47

OOPPSSS...lets not forget.....

Wanted everyone to take note of the On-Line Extravaganza sale...Items at 30-50%off....Right now SU is having a computer problem...and so you can't access the online ordering....but hope to have that resolved shortly!!!! Some good deals out there!!! Make sure you are in my web site...or if you go to the SU site...that you put me in as your demo!!!! Thanks!!!

And we have our drawing for our contest from last week.....Dee I picked your name out of the you get the package of tags!!! WooHoo!!! Congratulations.....Cathy

Catch Up Day

Since I was gone all is Catch-Up Day....and I always feel so far behind on those days!!!!

Woke to cold, and blowey and snowey...Yuck....and of course I had to go out to get all of my supplies for this long weekend.....when I really just wanted to snuggle up in my Stampin' Studio and play!!!:)

But, I'm done all the catch up now I can thought I'd start by getting this post out there!!! promised....just got them all scanned are the projects that we did Saturday....

These are jsut gorgeous cards!!!! This one is my project...I was trying to use up some very old SU papers!!!!

And here are some of the fantastic stampers!!!!


On-line Holiday Extraveganza sale starts today. Click here!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy Weekend

Boy...this was a busy weekend....sorry for not posting sooner.....I've been gone most of the time!!! Friday night was my Technique Class.....we did Faux Silk.
This is what we technique!!!!! Had fun visiting with the girls after!!!!
Yesterday , spent the whole day at Jennell's house stamping with our stamp club....Here is my swap project....

Then these are all the swaps I got...some gorgeous cards!!! Great work ladies!!!!

I will post the projects tomorrow....They are equally as wonderful!!!
Today, Steven and I went up to Denver to go to the Woodworker's Show. Then out to lunch to celebrate his passing his EPA certification yesterday.....Went to a high end Burger place at Park Meadows Mall.....We split a burger and the fries...and each had a milkshake, and the bill was over $ was good, but not worth $25.00:) Now I am gonna go crash!!! Have some reading to do, then some cross stitching!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Lazy Day...

Eeuuhhhh....2 in a row...I could get used to this. Miss Abbey (my 9 year old grandaughter) came over to spend the morning with me while Mom, and Sis Sarah went to New Moon....We had fun crafting...then everyone was here for lunch. Now this afternoon, I can't seem to get into gear!!! I have a Technique Class I'm excited about that!!!!! Always love doing classes!!!!
Here's a card I cased direct out of the Mini Catalog...I just love this set...and the Christmas Cocoa paper is to die for!!!! Have been having fun with youwill see lots more in this color scheem!!!!
House smells so good...put a crock pot of beef for Spiced beef Burritos on...and yumm...I may break into it early!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Slow Day!!!

Isn't it nice to have a day where you don't really have to be anywhere, or do anything important....That's today!!! It's a Blessing!!!! Last nite was our Inkslingers meeting....Lots of fun with good people!!!! Joyce was in charge of projects this month, and these are the 3 cards we did!!!

Thank you Joyce...they were great cards....
And then these were the swaps I got...
Joyce did this one.
This one is Carol's...she did a great Fall Leaf photo that she took and embellished it with stamping!!! Beautiful!!!
This one was done by Naomi.
And Lastly, this one is done by Elaine.
And this is my contribution!!!!
OOOPPPSSS almost forgot...tomorrow, my grandaughter is coming over to spend some time...always a fun time, so not sure if I will get a post up on here...will try. Have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm Off!!!

Just finished this Thanksgiving Decoration...sorry the picture is so dark.....I'm off to Rocky Mountain Inkslingers.....Willpost the projects and swaps tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Long Day....

It seemed like a very long day today....Not sure why!!!! I ran errands in the morning....then had a field day in Target. I was after a turkey roaster....Last Easter...I was baking a carrott cake the day before Easter...for Easter Dinner...and my oven went up in flames....We never did figure out what was up. I put the cake in and in about 5 minutes...found it burnt to a krisp. Then I was in a panic as we were hosting Easter dinner...and I was afraid to put a ham in the we went to about every store in Colorado Springs ...looking for a Roaster...and no one had them...I guess they only come out at this year I'm my roaster!!!! Oh...the oven worked perfectly Easter morning!!! Go figure!!!!

Thought I would do a Sneek Peak for my project and swap for Saturday...

Got an E-mail from Stampin' Up! Certification for My Digital Studio went I am Official....have been having so much fun with it!!!!Stop by and I will give you a demo!!
Here's what I've been workign on today....

It's similar to one in the catalog...except I made a window sheet cover. Thought I would do a Blog Give away!!!! Leave me a comment....and I will draw for a set of the tags next Tuesday!!! Check back to see if you are a winner...and I will get it off to you!!!