Friday, February 25, 2011

This had been one of those weeks.....

I am soooo....glad it is behind me....I had something every I left the house at 7:15 every day, and didn't get home till I didn't get much stampin' done...I apologise for not posting....hopefully next week I will be able to budget my time better!!!

This first picture is of our Stencil Card that we did in our Technique Class this month....

I'm loving the can do so much with them....paper, walls,, love, love it!!!

And from my box of goodies...

A great winter card...although today I could use a warm weather card...woke to fog and snow....and it snowed lightly all day....and is very cold out there!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


We had beautiful, Spring like weather all last week, and now it is freezing out....had Thunder Snow last night...which in turn sparked alot of grass fires....everything was out at my daughters house in Ellicott. Scarey time!!! I'd love the Spring weather to come back...but I'm sure that was just a teaser!!!

Here are the 2 cards that we did at this month's Stamper 10.

The Blue card was from a Make-n-Take from Leadership...doing the vintage look....I am so challenged with I need to step out of my box!!! The pink card was one a cased from a sample using the ice cream cone set from this summer....but cupcakes are so "in" now....thought I'd try that!!!

This is from one of our Stamp get togethers...I love cardinal cards for winter!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy Life!!!

Busy at work,, busy at home....Last night was my Technique Tuesday Class....if you have a free 3rd Tuesday of the should join us...we learn a new technique each month, and there is only a material cost of $2.00. Such a deal. We learn our technique while making a page for a book you will be compiling, and then we have a project of some type using that technique!!!

Tonight I was a Dunce....I ran all morning from one appointment to another....then worked for 4 hours...and for some reason, thought I had Rocky Mountain Inkslingers grabbed a sub, and sat int he parking lot there reading till time to start...and the building remained dark, well past the time we should have started...and it dawned on me this was the 3rd Wednesday, not the I'm back at home trying to get some things caught up...Oh well, I have my swap done!!!

From my mailbox....Miss Abigail sent me this Thank You card....

I love those embossing folders!!!

And from my Goody box...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cold Germs...

Unfortunatly, I feel a cold trying to come throat has been scratchy,,,and I wake up unable to swallow....other than that I'm feeling OK...but I sure don't want to be sick!!!! So send good thoughts and vibes my way!!!

Let's take a look at my Mail and box of goodies....This first card is from a swap that we do monthly on the Colorado Stamper's Yahoogroup List....

This great Valentines Day card was from Johnalyn...thanks so much Johnalyn!!!

This card was from one of our Stamp Club Meetings...where we all stamp up projects...and this was one of the projects!!! Great Winter card!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back to some normalcy...

Sorry...I ment to get these pictures on here ...but had some difficulty getting things downloaded onto my NoteBook for the Crop I'm doing Saturday....One of the downloads was very big...and my notebook kept shutting down, till I figured out where they were hiding the settings to change sleep mode....FINALLY got everything loaded onto there....Stampin' Up! published a catalog, finally, of the images that you can downlaod for My Digital Studio...Click here to take a look....I've been slow to get into this...but this is gettin me excited...I am gonna start using some of the images for my I won't be a purist anymore!!!

Here are some cards taht we did at our last big get together....

And this beauty I found in my stash!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pat on the Back!!!

I'm so proud of myself.....I took on a little too many things this month....but vowed to stay calm, and just work thru them all...On top of all of that, my job went full-time this week!!! That is a very good thing....and I love my job....but I started to panic...then said..."triage"....list what needs to get done in order of importance...what gets done gets done...and you would be amazed at what I am getting done. Was a little late getting home from work, due to the snow....will this snow and freezing weather ever stop!!! But, I managed to cut up all the paper for my Stamper's 10 classes this week, and get the supplies all boxed up. Started the downloads for My Digital Studio, so that I can work on that at the Crop this weekend...they are taking longer then I thought...One is a 2 and half hour down load!!!! Got supplies all boxed up for the 2 classes I'm teaching at the Crop...fortunatly the paper was done a long time ago!!!! Now i just need to take all the stuff for the Crop upstairs...and set up for Friday...and then I can start cutting for Tuesdays class!!! I think I may make it!!!!

Well I thought I was gonna download pictures for you all, but guess the 2 and half hour download won't let me do an additional will get those to you tomorrow!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter, Winter...go away!!!

Boy...this brutal weather is causing all kinds of problems....too friends with burst pipes, Matt's car had to be towed in on Thursday...but fortunatly it wasn't too serious, and now the furnace is making....not so nice noises....Fortunatly Steven went to school for all of this...and says it is a bearing in the pump guess he will be replacing the pump on Monday.

Thought I would post pictures of some of the cards we did at Rocky Mountain Inkslingers this past month....using my favorite punch...Theresa, you did a great demo!!!

And from ,my never ending box....not sure what swap this card was from...

Winter, Winter...go away-

Friday, February 4, 2011

Busy Day!!!

Woke to snow this left for work 15 minutes early...that always seems to mess me up....but it was a good day at work!!! I'm OFFICIALLY Full-Time as of Monday!!! WooHoo!!! An answer to prayers. Will also get more vacation days!!!

Here are some more cards...these were what we did at this months Stamper 10....

The tall one is coloring direct to stamp with markers or Watercolor crayons and then spritzing it with water to create a watercolor look. The little one was showing the Kissing technique....come to my Stamper's 10 or Technique class to learn these and more fun techniques!!!

And another one from my never ending box of goodies!!!This was again from the Big Shot Class I did last fall.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stampin' Surprize

Our first night at Leadership, we had a Stampin' Play Date.....Each table of 10 was given a box of supplies....we had the most miss matched, box of supplies!!! We each had to create and make a card for the Robnald McDonald Charities, and then we had to collectively, make a card for a contest they were having...what do you do when you have all un-coordinating colors, and a not very popular stamp set.....They announced the winner the next day...and guess what...Our table won out of 1000 people!!! They gave us the Take a Spin set!!! Woo Hoo!!! I took a picture of the card...but can't seem to find it. They gave us the set all tied up in a pink bow with a cute tag made on My Digital Studio!!!!

Out of my box of is a card we did for one of the Big Shot Classes...using Aluminum cans...they make such neat embellishments!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Did I say BRRR!!! It is very cold here in Colorado...was -16 when I got up this AM....Fortunatly today is my day off...we couldn't get the office warm yesterday!!!! Poor Matt's car wouldn't start....Steven has replaced the battery, attached our little oil pan heater to it...and no I guess we will tow it tomorrow. The joy of cars!!!

Here are a couple of cards from the swap from RMI last week....

Our theme was Snowmen!!! And this is from a swap this past fall...I think it was Thank you's...

It was my contribution!!!