Monday, January 31, 2011

Frosty Colorado

It's 2 degrees out right now...and gonna get colder....BBBRRRR!!!!! Thought I would show you some of the Make-n-Takes we did at Leadership...can't show them all as I am using some for classes...well all eventually...but emminet classes!!!

The large CD case, is for a notebook case and we will be doing that sometime at our Stamper's 10. The pin was gorgeous...mines a little worn...I wore it the whole trip...lost it twice, but it came back to me!!! We also did the Simply Adorned necklace with 3 inserts...will be doing that as a class so stay tuned...they make great gifts!!!

Yesterday we had one of our fun stamp days...and this is the card I did for the swap!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

I Think I'm Coming Down with a Cold....

OH NO!!! Been all sniffly all day boss gave me a ton of homeopathic things to take.....hope they work....don't want a cold!!! There is so much going around.

Here's another bundle that they gave away at Leadership....

All sorts of fun things to use with the fabric!!! I love our fabric...I got some upolstry fabric this week to make some flowers with my Downline at our meeting!!! And the CD for some more digital downloads....woohoo!!!!

Then thought I'd share my swap from Wednesday night....

Our theme was Snowmen...he is a cutie!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lazy me!!! And don't forget Sale-a-Bration

While at Leadership, we had the opportunity to purchase some My Digital Studio products.. already designed and printed to show to our customers and friends...I am so lazy...I decided to go for it. they were really very well done, and I know I can do as good or better...but time is my I went for it...

I am going to be highlighting My Digital Studio at the Booth I do at the Crop-a-Thon up in Denver next this will go well with my booth!!!

Another quick card from my box...I think this was another swap this summer!!!
Oh, and I almost forgot...Sale-a-Bration starts today...For every $50 you order, you get a free item, Hostess a workshop that totals $300, and you get a free item, or...better yet, join my Downline Family and become a demonstrator and get a 15% off of the Starter Kit, plus a bundle of free product valued at $50. Woo Hoo...way to go!!! There are 4 Exclusive SAB sets, and some product bundles, or like last year they have sets from the current catalog you can pick from. Click on the Icon on the left hand side of the page to go to the flyer!!! Call me now to book a worksop, you only have till March 31st!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

They kept us in classes most of leadership...The first one I took was for My Digital Studio....I have the program loaded on my netbook...but forgot to upgrade it and put all of my downloads onto it..And Sarah...Shelli's daughter, who taught the class went way too after getting hopelessly behind...I gave up and just watched,.....So my card I did was very it is...I plan on dong Digital for the Crop I am doing up in Denver on Feb. 12, I'm gonna set up my Netbook, attach it to a monitor, and just scrapbook all day....

One more card from my box of goodies...I believe this was from one of our stampin' Days!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Leadership Swaps...NOT

I was so busy with Work and the Holidays prior to Leadership that I decided not to stress myself out doing swaps...but there were some dear demos out there that were Paying it Forward and did swaps just to give are 2 of them!!!

Stampin' Up! demos are the best!!!
I never really noticed the set Blowing Kisses....but now I'm gonna have to have that set!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Class

Haven't had any classes on the books for a while...have the itch to really get into teaching here goes!!! First one is a class that we had scheduled this summer, but, everyone's schedules got too crazy, including mine!!! So hear goes again!!!

It is an album class...the first album is a folded folder, using Simply Scrappin' elements. The second is a folded mini album...too cute. The class will be held on
Saturday, February 19, at 10:00, at my home. Cost is $15, and includes all product!!! I'd love to see you here!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Leadership

Our first group giveaway at Leadership...and they do love to spoil us with give-aways....was a Glitter Package...the new Red Glitter Paper in the Mini, along with Glitter Brads and Chunky Glitter....Woo Hoo...I can see my Valentines cards now!!! I have a couple of these let's do a contest...the first person to post, gets this jar....Post what is your favorite stamp set in the new Mini!!!!

Now lets see what my box of goodies holds....

Not sure if I posted this one way back...this was the card I did for our Children's Christmas Party at invitation from Santa!!! Today I got to start making plans for our Summer event...a night at Sky Sox....WooHoo!!! If anyone has any ideas for invites, or prize goodies...let me know!!! You are all so talented.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Conference goodies!!!

Thought I would post some of the goodies we made and recieved at Leadership. To there Early (7:30) Wednesday morning to pick up our bags...and this is what we got!!!

Well...the bag was the was our Conferecne bag with all our goodies and things in it....The wallet I had the opportunity to purchase at the Momento Mall that night along with a relly cute scarf and a sweater!!!

Oh...the flower on the front of the bag was my pillow gift from my roomate Sharon...thanks Sharon!!!

While we were at the of the shops had the biggest collection of Vera Bradley Bags...and we found one the same shape as ours....just this is our fabric...and it was priced at $72.00....whoa!!!! I need to run and get some Scotch Guard so I don't dirty this one up!!!

Here's another card from my mailbox...I have stacks of Christmas cards...This great card is Donna's creation!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Help Wanted!!!

Hey everyone....I'm back from my Leadership Trip to Nashville.....what a fantastic trip ( and no lost luggage!!!) I hate the day back from a trip...there is just too much to do...but I got most things on my list checked off....Will be talking more about Leadership and the trip, and posting pictures, over the next few days....thought I would start with the gift I brought for my roomates....

They fit in very well with the Vintage Theme of the make-n-takes!!!

I do have an offer for anyone interested...I will post the e-mail message I just sent out to everyone below....

Hello all....I just returned from our Stampin' Up Leadership Conference....which is a training opportunity for higher level Stampin' Up Demonstrators. What a fabulous trip it was....Stampin' Up! truly spoils us...not to mention rekindling of old friendships, catching up with Downline, Upline, Sidline, and making new friends...I love it!!! Oh...and did I forget the fabulous Make-n-Takes....This year we were at the fabulous Gaylord Hilton at Oprey Land in Nashvile...What a fabulous venue....I must say the place, the classes , and overall...this was one of the best Leaderships I have been to!!!! I think I said Fabulous one too many times!!!!

I do have a fantastic offer, but only one of you can take part in it this time!!! They offered a free Demonstrator Starter Kit to Each of us that attended....that we can give away to one of our friends. Because this is such a fantastic offer, and I wish I could give everyone who wants it one....I have to be very selective. So...if you are at all interested...please let me know in the next day or 2 and we will discuss the opportunity. I must have all paper work by Thursday to get it in and postmarked by Friday....(no exceptions on this one) Call or e-mail me and I will go over requirements. Because it is such a precious offer, I really want to make sure it goes to someone who really needs it, wants it, and will use it most responsibly!!!

The work is not too hard...but!!! You learn business and life skills!!! You make new friends, thru our downline group, and thru the customers you will gain. I will be there for you to help you along. So if you think you are even slightly interested in this opportunity, please contact me immediately so we can chat!!! There are so many opportunities that open up with this....And don't worry if you don't live locally...about half of my Down Line are scattered all over the US...and world!!! With the interent....we are all just a click away!!!

Remember, even if you have had just an inkling as to being a demo, even a hobby demo, that buys just for the discount....this message is for you!!! Call, and we can chat!!! I don't want this opportunity to go to waste!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Almost a snow day!!!!

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at Abbey's basketball game...they had such a good game, winning 22 to 2!!! Very action packed. Then to Kris' house for dinner...and the snow started really coming down....I was sure we would have a snow day today....but it didn't look too bad when I got up...but the news was spewing gloom and I waited for the plow before heading out....was only 1/2 hour late....and it wasn't bad!!!

Todays sample out of my pile is from a swap last month. It was my swap.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snowey Saturday`

Looks like we are gonna get some snow!!!! Poor Matt...he starts his new job, well training tomorrow...and he hates driving in the snow...and it looks like it will be a mess!!!! Pray it is not too bad....I really need to be able to work tomorrow and Tuesday as I am off the rest of the week....Leadership Conference in Nashville for Stampin' Up!!!

Here is another posting from my pile...this was in my mail post...I think it was from Christmas ...2009. I had a stack of Christmas cards from 2009, in my Christmas Card stuff that I forgot to post last year!!!
This one was from Jenell, it is a Classic!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time Out Thursday

Was all set to wear a really cute outfit that I've been painstakingly purchasing a piece a week, when I got a text from my boss, to wear old clothes as we would be cleaning, and up and down from the basement all the outfit must wait for tomorrow....Because of all of that...I am here is a quick card from projects we did last month in Stamp Club!!!

Off to finish cutting paper for the last project for classes after Leadership...It will be so nice to go, knowing I am all ready for classes when I come back.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday

Was off of work today...and slept late...well, till 7:00!!!! Took Matt into Town to get some dress clothes for his new Job....he has to wear a shirt and tie.....MY, My!!! Today was a kinda puttering day...but I did get all of the projects done for the week after Leadership...I feel so good and organized.

Here is another card from my is a Fall swap card!!! I just love this card!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Tweeked

Busy Day at work...spent the whole day working on an spreadsheet, but got it done....taxed my brain trying to remember things I knew I knew!!!!

Here's another card from my stack...this was from a Big Shot class I did a while back!!!

I will make it thru this stack of cards!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Now don't faint....thought I could at least scan in some of the cards I have stacked up on my desk!!!

This was a Thank You from my dear friend Phyllis....

Today was a fun day at work...Nick came by to meet my bosses...and fell in love with the place....they said they would consider him for an internship this summer!!! He needs to put together a resume for them....Steven said all he talked about was that this afternoon....So today was bring your son to work day...even though he is 25!!! I know he won't make much $$$ there but I also know they will be great teachers...they have that in their hearts!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today, it finally started to warm up...good thing...Matt got a flat going out on New Year's was calling into work to let them know he would be late...only to be called back 5 minutes later...they decided to close the restaurant...the weather was so he changed the tire, and went to his girlfriends....which was closer then home. Then yesterday, on the way home...he gets a second flat...Steven thinks the spare was underinflated...and the tires were it caused it to just blow.....So today was spent taking tires off, taking them into the store, then putting tires back on...thankfully the bitter cold was not there...nor the wind!!!! And now I feel better about him having good tires on the checkbook is not liking it.

As is this weeks post....first, I needed a Guy this was quick.

Most of you know I'm not a big fan of this is a good card for me!!!
Next...I pulled these out of my pile...they were from a past swap!!!

I need to finish up class projects for after Leadership...and then get gifts for my roomates done, and swaps....Spent too much time reading Harry Potter today!!!