Saturday, August 6, 2011

Goodness, I am sorry for not posting in a long, long has been a busy time here at the Waskewicz household!!!! We have a new addition to our family....For a while now, I've been wanting a small lap dog. Steven has Rusty...but he is sooooo.....BIG!!!! I love Yorkies, but they can be very high strung( I wanted a Calm lap dog!!!). Steven was on Craigs List and happened to come across a Maltese Yorkie we went and looked at him. What a charmer. The young man who owned him, was moving out of the state on a Family emergency, and couldn't bring him with him. So we snatched him up. That is how Chewey came to live with us. (Chewbaca is his given name...but he is so tiny....more like a Wookie then an Ewok!!!) The Maltese has tempered him, but he looks like a Yorkie....When we got him, he had never been cut and his fur was so matted.

We have since had him groomed, it took the poor woman 5 hours to do him....but she was so patient and kind with him...I highly recommend Puppy Dog Tails Groomers. He looks double his size here with all the fur.

And here he is clipped...he hates to have his picture taken, and wouldn't stand up or look at the camera
So this is why, I've been missing. I did have my Open House last Weekend, and my downline meeting wiht Karen today...will post about those later along with some samples!!!!