Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So many new things...so little time....

Hello Stampers....Stampin' Up! will be hosting weekly specials during the month of July....The first is July 1-5, and you must have your order into me by July 5, by 7:00pm, so that I can get it ordered!!!

The special for that week is the Scallop Edge Punch, # 112091, regularly $15.95, on special for $10.99. This is a great deal!!!!

Those of you not here missed a great class last night. We may have been small in number, but we were mighty!!!! This was the summer boxing class...and I have some of the kits left over that I will be selling. They come complete with instructions, all paper is pre-cut in the Big Shot, and all you have to do is supply your own adhesive....and you are set to go!!! They are $4.00 per kit or $12.00 for all 4. See pictures below.

May Flowerpot Box

June Beach Scene Box

July Flag Box

August Sunflower Box
Just contact me if you are interested in any of these. They make great summertime decorations or quick gift boxes for small gifts. I will be offering September -December Boxes sometime in September...and you won't want to miss this class...those boxes are even cuter!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Get Ready...we're gonna have a Scavenger Hunt!!!!

We will start our 2009-2010 New Stampin' Up! Catalog Scavenger Hunt on July 1. Each day I will post a question, and the answer can be found in the new catalog....There will be about 20 questions....You can e-mail me back with the answer at ladystamp1@msn.com, and the person with the most correct answers will be the winner of a package of Pumpkin Pie 1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon. So get your new catalog NOW....or you can look it up on line....I will post the link with the first question!!!! Good Luck!!!! Make it easy on yourself, and sign up as a follower, and you will automatically get the questions e-mailed to you. You will also get your name into the drawing for those that become followers if you do it by July 15!!!! The winner of that contest will get a package of the new In-Color Markers!!! Good Luck!!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunny Day in Pueblo

OK...I do apologise...not sure why that went out and got published....I haven't added the pictures yet....bear with me those of you that are followers...you will be getting it twice....second time with the pictures.....

We (Steven & I) spent the day down in Pueblo, going to the Street Rod Car Nationals....I normally avoid the Fairgrounds in the summer time like the palgue...but today it was kinda pleasent....it was about 10 degrees cooler then it normally is, and there was a nice breeze. This was by far the biggest show they have ever had...so much walking. I did finally get to see the 1934 Mercedes that is very similar to mine...or what mine will look like when we get it finished, someday!!! Here is a picture of it....

It was a fun day, kinda carefree....we don't get enough of those!!! Here are the promised pictures of the Card Club Swap.....Great ideas...the theme was summer time events....

And this one is mine...I didn't have many summertime stamps, besides flowers....but then I found these luggage tags....What do I love to do in the Summeer...travel, so I made these up....mines a little ragged....I have it on my purse....but love the ribbons!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


This should have gone out yesterday...so sorry!!!!

The UPS lady just left...2 very large, very heavy boxes on my front porch...I was almost as excited as Rusty our Golden Retriever!!! The catalogs are here...and I will begin getting them out to those who have reserved one...if you would like one...there are a few ways to get one....
1- Purchase one for $7.00, plus shipping(if I have to mail it to you).
2- Book a workshop!!!!
3- Join a Stamper's 10 Hostess Club.
4- Purchase $75 worth of product!!!!

With your catalog, you get me as your personal Stamping Advisor!!!!! Such a deal!!!! Can't get that at Hobby Lobby, Micheals, JoAnnes, or Archivers.

Fun time Stampin'!!!!!

I am a a member of 2 wonderful stamp clubs....these group of ladies are a part of what keeps me sain!!!! Wednesday night was our meeting for Rocky Mountain Inkslingers. We have been meeting about 9 years now!!! I was at the very first meeting, and I think I am the only charter member left besides Julie. At this club we do a swap each month and then someone presents a project or 2....or 3. This month Cindy did the projects...and they were fantastic. Here they are:

We did a newsprint reveal card, a beeswax card, and a Puffy Box. I apologise for the puffy box. It must have fallen out of my bag when I got home, and I found it in the very wet grass the next morning, with a spider all curled up on it.....so it's not quite as puffy as it should look!!!! Thanks Cindy, some great ideas to add to my Technique classes!!! Will add the swaps tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No Tunes????

My car has been acting up....or, the radio has....I couldn't seem to latch onto a signal....and couldn't figure out why.....Then I stopped into my friendly neighborhood WalMart after work to day to pick up some bagels and cream cheese for work tomorrow....and when I got out...I couldn't find my car. I always look for my little Stampin' Up! antenna Thingy.....and it wasn't there.....finally found my car....and couldn't find the thingy because someone had snapped off my antenna.....another mystery solved!!!! So we go to Checker to pick up a new antenna....and nothing is simple with cars....Naturally, we pick one that has all of the fittings male, and all of the fittings on my car are male.....so they don't work together...along with, you almost had to destroy the car to get the old antenna off.....But....I did find another SU Antenna Thingy in my junk box....Will head back to Checker tomorrow.

As promised, here are the pictures of the projects that we did last week at our Stamp Day.....The bicycle card was playing with Flower Soft.....neat stuff....I like the free standing flowers done with it best....need to make something with it.....Sorry they came out so dark...not sure why, the camera flashed.....

Here is the project I did....again...I thought the theme was masculine cards...so that is what I did. Not my strong point!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer is upon us!!!!

Boy, was it hot today, and this is only the start!!!! I got home from work and retreated to my Stamp Cave(Studio) in the basement....nice and cool!!!! Not too much happening... My Thursday nite Stamper's 10 order came in, and I've gotten that all bagged up and ready to go out. I'm hoping my Friday nite one will come tomorrow. I need to make up more of our projects for those that couldn't make it....for some reason I came up short this month....that's OK , they were fun cards!!!!

Here are the swaps from my Stampin' Friends group that met last Saturday. Will post the projects we did tomorrow.

This was the card I did as my swap...origionally we were doing Masculine cards....but then that got changed...but I already had my masculine card done!!!! We had a small group this month....summer is such a busy time of year!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

What a glorious Day it is outside!!!! Yesterday was so dreary...and today there is not a cloud in the sky....great day for the Father's Day Barbecue we are having at my Daughter Kris' home. Her hubby Dale is smokin' up something special, and Steven needs to watch closely so we can use our smoker!!!! This weather takes my thoughts to my Dad...he was a pilot...and he would have been up there flyin today in this....I guess...he doesn't need that anymore....here's to you DAD!!!!

I just wanted to remind everyone that the New Catalog will be out July 1 and you only have a little over a week to get those discontinued items. I will be hosting my annual Phone-a-Thon on Friday, June 26, all day. I will be at work, but if you call and leave a message....I will get you on the list.....Everyone who orders that day gets free shipping, and if you are one of the first 5, for every $30 you order, your name will go into the drawing for hostess benefits twice....everyone else will get a ticket for every $30 they spend!!!!

There are 89 Stamp Sets being retired from the catalog, as well as another 9 from the dormant list. and all of the hostess sets too!!! That's 115 all together. BUT that means that we will have tons of new sets in the new catalog!!!

There will be lots of changes in the Decor Elements brochure. Some Elements were discontined in certain colors, sizes, and some all together. Click on the Last Chance Decor Elements Icon, in the right hand column, and you should be able to see all of those.

As for Accessories....they are gone when they are gone...here is the most current list I have, as of today!! Just cut and paste it into your browser.


I think all of the IN Color Items are gone...BooHoo!!!

If you need a new catalog...my boxes should be here next week....They are $7.00 each, free with a workshop booking. Just contact me!!! All of you in my Stamper's 10 Clubs will be getting one FREE!!! Good reason to join!!!

Back to Father's Day....I found this fantastic video...I hope this link works!!!


Again, I think you will have to cut and paste it.....gotta figure out the links inside of posts!!!! It is great video, and I just had to share!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Dreary Day

It's a grey, dreary day....perfect for stampin'...not for the outdoor activities planned!!!! Gardening was a bit muddy!!!! And I felt bad for the people with booths at the Falcon Festival, and thankful I didn't plan on doing one this year!!!!

Here's the picture of the project that I demoed at our joint downline meeting. It is much cuter in person!!!! I origionally did this for May's Stamper 10 Hostess Clubs....my Friday night group was finishing up a round and I like to do somethig special, and my Thursday nite group was a new group, just starting up, so I wanted to WOW them. I think I accomplished both!!!

If you live in the area...I still have a few openings in my Stamper's 10 Hostess Clubs....Contact me about joining. It is a 10 month committment....with a minimum purchase of $15....but you get to be hostess one of the months....and we do 2 projects each month....with other goodies thrown in...if you miss a nite, you get the project in your order!!! I also have long distance gals....you get the projects...and a paroduct sample, since you can't be here!!!! I am having a blast with both groups.....What a great group of gals!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Good and Bad Day!!!

Hey Stampers...I had every intention of posting the projects I planned for my technique Friday Class that I am doing at the Woodman Hills Rec Center....but alass.....I picked another bad day...the weather was beautiful...and no one showed up at the Rec Center....I mean ...no one....the place was deserted.....so I'm gonna cheat and save the project for next months class....and will also be offering it to everyone else....as a Technique Tuesday Class....which will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month!!!! The neat thing about it is we will be building technique pages for a book...along with a project each month!!!! Cost is $5.00 per class, and if you sign up for 3 classes, cost will be $12.00. So you will have to wait a little longer to view this project!!! But I do have pictures of last months joint Downline meeting that I do with my friend Paula....hey Paula!!!! Paula suggested a Black and White swap....

This is the swap from everyone...fantastic cards and a cute Bag-a-lope by Roxanne!!!

This is the card I did. I will show you the project I demoed tomorrow..Steven's computer crashed...and it took me all evening to get pictures.....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rescheduled Boxing Class

Attention...those that wanted to attend this past Saturdays' Boxing Class (see picture) It has been rescheduled to Monday, June 29, at 6:30. Sometimes the best laid plans fall apart. Lots of people wanted to take this class but I picked a bad day, so ya gotta be flexable....It is a fantastic class, actually, the first part of a 3-part class. The boxes are for the summer months...May, June, July and August, and are just so stinkin' cute!!!! We will be using the Big Shot...so they are not as hard as they look. I only have room for 8 for this class, and only have a few slots left, so contact me ASAP!!!! Cost is $15.00.

Wait till you see the Fall Boxes....they are even cuter!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OK...not sure if I have done this right...but here are (hopefully) pictures of the cards we did at last weeks Stamper 10 Hostess Clubs. I think everyone enjoyed the cards this month....the butterfly card was a surprise to me, as I wasn't sure of the colors...but some of my oddest color groups have been my best cards. Everyone loved the Star card...it makes a great masculine card...or 4th of July!!!! Enjoy. Now to see if the pictures are there!!! If anyone is interested in joining one of my Stampers 10 Clubs, please contact me.

Monday, June 15, 2009

OK...here goes...if you knew me you would know that I go into the computer world kicking and screaming....strange for a person brought up around computers....but I guess I'm just an old fashioned gal...give me paper!!!! I want to kick this off with a contest....become the first of my followers, and get your name into a drawing for new Stampin' Up! products....not sure what yet....but it will be fun....just sign up as a follower, from now until July 15 and I will draw a name!!!