Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun time Stampin'!!!!!

I am a a member of 2 wonderful stamp clubs....these group of ladies are a part of what keeps me sain!!!! Wednesday night was our meeting for Rocky Mountain Inkslingers. We have been meeting about 9 years now!!! I was at the very first meeting, and I think I am the only charter member left besides Julie. At this club we do a swap each month and then someone presents a project or 2....or 3. This month Cindy did the projects...and they were fantastic. Here they are:

We did a newsprint reveal card, a beeswax card, and a Puffy Box. I apologise for the puffy box. It must have fallen out of my bag when I got home, and I found it in the very wet grass the next morning, with a spider all curled up on it's not quite as puffy as it should look!!!! Thanks Cindy, some great ideas to add to my Technique classes!!! Will add the swaps tomorrow!!!

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