Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolution!!! is actually snowing out....we didn't get a white Christmas....but will definatly have a white New Years Eve!!! Started just as we were leaving for my eye Doctors appointment...thought we were gonna have to turn around...but made it, and it actually had let up on the way home...but should continue all is so pretty. Was glad I had put a pot of Chicken soup on the stove to simmer for dinner!! That and muffins...yum!!!

I have been in a quandry over not being able to blog on here like I did before I took my job. There just is not enough hours in the day....and so, I have made a New Years resolution....that I will TRY to blog at least once a week....preferabley on the weekend...and more if I can get it in, but I am going to stop beating myself up over not posting. I know you all understand...but I want to have time to put together classes...and there are only so many hours in the day!!! With taht are some cards I my Christmas Mailbox!!!

Got some fantastic cards this year...will post thru January!!!

And these were from a Fall Thank You Swap!!! Love them all!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010!!!

It's just been way crazy with work, and all the Christmas preparations...but I really got caught up today. I'd like to say, I'm totally done shopping....thought I had finished this morning, with gifts and food for meals...but got home and realized that I still needed ONE more thing!!!! So, I have to go to a funeral tomorrow morning, and will swing by the shops after that. Steven gave me a huge surprize and actually finished the trim on the Laundry Room doors, so now I need to get paint for the door. It looks SOOO......good, very rich and elegant...will take a picture when I get the door painted!!! He's out in his shop working on the shelves for above the washer and dryer...WOOHOO!!!! So I aplogize for not getting things are the projects we did last week at Stamper's 10. This was a little folder made out of one of the rectangular envelopes, that held some little thank you notes...too cute!!!! Right now I am in love with the color combo of yellow and this is a project I came up with.
If you like spy movies...we rented Salt last night...and it was very good!!! Lots of twists!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hey All!!

Sorry I have been so missing in action.....My company Christmas Party was last nite...and I was in charge of it...and so I have been very busy...things should return to normal soon!!! The party was beautiful...came off with no hitches...We had it at the Cliff House. Food was fabulous. The place was fabulous....although I want to try and schedule earlier next year so we can get a room with a fireplace...was the only touch missing!!! I won one of the Door Prizes...a Belgian Waffle Maker....guess what we had for b-fast...Yumm!!!! Will put pictures as soon as they get back from the photographer!!!

So thought I'd post a few pics....

These were last months Stamper 10 projects....will post this months in a few days...need to get the boxes cleaned out!!!

These were in my pile, I think they were from a swap!!!! They aren't marked, so I'm thinking it was my Stamping Friends Club Swap ...we did back in October.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Swap Gift Card, and a Tip....

Here is the Swap Gift Card Holder I did for our party promised...

She came out really cute...the picture does not do her justice....she is attached to the cutest little suitcase....I need to make another one...this was a great idea Kim!!!(Kim hosted the event, and came up with the gift card exchange!!! I got a cute card and gift card holder form Sandy...will post it later!!!

Haven't done a tip in thought I would do one!!!

Look closely at the corner punched photo holders...we do not carry a punch like that...this is how I made it....

Punch one of the 5 Petal Flowers out....

Next, take your square Punch, and align it up from 2 points..and punch...a perfect v-shaped photo corner!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cards for the troops....

Well, I'm sure everyone is busy with was only Phyllis and myself...Here today working on the cards...not sure how many cards we got done...I will count when I stamp the backs....but we did have fun!!!!

Here are some cards that I found in my pile....

These were from our Stampin' Friends last month that we did at Donna's....we obviously did Christmas....will post more later....tomorrow is our get together for December...and I will post our gift exchange....we are doing a gift card holder with a gift card....too much fun!!!

Then these were just some cards in my stack....I think they are old swaps!!!
Yesterday was our big Children's Christmas Party at really came off great...the kids were so excited with Santa!!!! What a great way to get into the HOliday spirit!!!