Wednesday, December 22, 2010!!!

It's just been way crazy with work, and all the Christmas preparations...but I really got caught up today. I'd like to say, I'm totally done shopping....thought I had finished this morning, with gifts and food for meals...but got home and realized that I still needed ONE more thing!!!! So, I have to go to a funeral tomorrow morning, and will swing by the shops after that. Steven gave me a huge surprize and actually finished the trim on the Laundry Room doors, so now I need to get paint for the door. It looks SOOO......good, very rich and elegant...will take a picture when I get the door painted!!! He's out in his shop working on the shelves for above the washer and dryer...WOOHOO!!!! So I aplogize for not getting things are the projects we did last week at Stamper's 10. This was a little folder made out of one of the rectangular envelopes, that held some little thank you notes...too cute!!!! Right now I am in love with the color combo of yellow and this is a project I came up with.
If you like spy movies...we rented Salt last night...and it was very good!!! Lots of twists!!!!

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