Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolution!!! is actually snowing out....we didn't get a white Christmas....but will definatly have a white New Years Eve!!! Started just as we were leaving for my eye Doctors appointment...thought we were gonna have to turn around...but made it, and it actually had let up on the way home...but should continue all is so pretty. Was glad I had put a pot of Chicken soup on the stove to simmer for dinner!! That and muffins...yum!!!

I have been in a quandry over not being able to blog on here like I did before I took my job. There just is not enough hours in the day....and so, I have made a New Years resolution....that I will TRY to blog at least once a week....preferabley on the weekend...and more if I can get it in, but I am going to stop beating myself up over not posting. I know you all understand...but I want to have time to put together classes...and there are only so many hours in the day!!! With taht are some cards I my Christmas Mailbox!!!

Got some fantastic cards this year...will post thru January!!!

And these were from a Fall Thank You Swap!!! Love them all!!!

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