Saturday, April 30, 2011

So Sorry...MIA

I am so sorry I haven't been has just been hectic....what can I say. I will TRY to do better....

Woke to Steven coming down with a cold....please .... don't give it to me, I have a very busy week. Did have a fun day at Donna's stamping....will get those cards posted later!!! I have such a back log of cards to post...will try and just do some cards this week!!! Monday I have to go in for some minor surgery, and then we have a busy day at work this week with lots of dignitaries coming as you you can see...I can't get sick!!!

This is one of the cards we did at this month's Stamper 10....

LOVE< LOVE< LOVE this card...also gave one to my boss, she went on a trip to DC, but missed the Cherry Blossoms, and this I thought would remind her of them. If you are interested in joining us each month at Stamper's 10...we would love to have you....we usually do 2 different projects each month, and have a blast. I even have long distance people, who also get a copy of the project, and a small product sample. Contact me for the details!!!

Next is a card we did at one of our group get togethers....some beautiful cards!!! Will also try and post those this week!!!

I'm in love with black and white cards!!!! I think if you click on the card, you will get the true color seem so be picking up the background colors.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Internet Woes!!!

Spent Saturday evening, and all day Sunday trying to get my Computer to work right after I switched over from MSN to Outlook.....What a mess, but I persevered!!!! There just never seems to be enough time in the weekend to get it all done!!!

Today I'm showing you what we did at our Stamper's 10 this month...

The pink card was showing everyone how to use the Stamp Positioner...we all need a reminder on that one once in a while, but is is such a useful took once you get the hang of get your's out and use it!
The Blue card was brayering and the embossing the look!!!

Then I thought you'd like to see the card I did for our swap on Saturday....the theme was I've been wanting to do this card for a while!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Windy, Weekend

Another windy weekend...what's new....It throws my arthritis for a loop....all I could do today was sleep...but the headache is gone, and I'm feeling better now. Had planned on gettigng so much done much for plans. Matt's car bit the dust on have been worrying over what he is going to do for a vehicle. He needs a new engine, and can't afford it, and he still owes on the right now car till he can figure out how to pay for it all...I can't help him this time. Anyone want to buy a very used 2002 Nissan Altama...He's asking whatever is left on the loan...

Here's some cards from my Goody box:

This first one is from a swap with RMI last month....WE needed to do cute animals...I guess a ladybug qualifies???

And these were from our swap last month with Stampin'Friends!!! Will post more later.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Leisurly Saturday.....

Today has been one of those rare leisurly days....WE got up late, and Steven made us wonderful omlettes....puttered around the house and got a few unfinished chores done, then made pizza for lunch...yum!!! Worked on bills, which I usually hate doing, because I'm usually rushed...but today was great...then I did some reading, and finally looked at my watch, and was surprised that it was 5:00....made some Chicken Chow Mein for dinner...another yumm!!!! So now, I'm working on the finishing up of my Stamper 10 class for next Friday.... Here are some cards out of my box of tricks!!!

This first one is my swap at last months stamp group....I forget what the theme was...I think it was just Spring...I wanted to use the big rick-rack die!!!

This next card is out of my goodie box, and I'm not sure what swap it was from nor who did it...but it was springy looking...and today was such a beautiful Spring day...I had to post it!!!
And lastly, are the cards we will be doing at Stamper's 10...or at least a Sneek Peek....