Saturday, April 30, 2011

So Sorry...MIA

I am so sorry I haven't been has just been hectic....what can I say. I will TRY to do better....

Woke to Steven coming down with a cold....please .... don't give it to me, I have a very busy week. Did have a fun day at Donna's stamping....will get those cards posted later!!! I have such a back log of cards to post...will try and just do some cards this week!!! Monday I have to go in for some minor surgery, and then we have a busy day at work this week with lots of dignitaries coming as you you can see...I can't get sick!!!

This is one of the cards we did at this month's Stamper 10....

LOVE< LOVE< LOVE this card...also gave one to my boss, she went on a trip to DC, but missed the Cherry Blossoms, and this I thought would remind her of them. If you are interested in joining us each month at Stamper's 10...we would love to have you....we usually do 2 different projects each month, and have a blast. I even have long distance people, who also get a copy of the project, and a small product sample. Contact me for the details!!!

Next is a card we did at one of our group get togethers....some beautiful cards!!! Will also try and post those this week!!!

I'm in love with black and white cards!!!! I think if you click on the card, you will get the true color seem so be picking up the background colors.

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