Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lazy Sunday!!!!

OK...I'm not having a good computer day...just did the whole post, and went to add the last pic...and the whole thing went blank...lets do that again. It was a lazy day...Steven still has his cold, so we decided to lay low...since the weather is icky!!! Very cold and flurries on and off. Nick headed back to school, and we won't see him till after finals....Managed to get some laundry and cleaning done, paid some bills, then took a well deserved nap....Made a yummy Mushroom Beef Soup, with Garlic Bread and an Orange Spinach Salad....YUM< YUM< YUM!!!!

Here are pics of the cards from our Swap this month at Inkslingers....

I think our theme was Flowers!!! Can't find my swap that I put in....

And from my overflowing box of cards...not sure who did these, so it they are yours...leave me a comment!!!

Will try to get more in tomorrow!!!

One last thing...we watched "The King's Speech" last night...Steven was so not into it at first...but had to admit, it was a very good movie...just not his style (shoot em up!) It was excellant!!!

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  1. Jack and I got the King's Speech through Netflix and loved it. I hardly ever watch videos but it was worth the time.