Friday, November 25, 2011

I know....I probably all think I fell off the face of the earth...we have been going thru some family difficulties, and right now, I just can't MOJO is also seriously hurting, although it has gotten better....I will shoot for getting back to posting in January, after the holidays. Please check back then....I miss you all!!! Cathy

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Goodness, I am sorry for not posting in a long, long has been a busy time here at the Waskewicz household!!!! We have a new addition to our family....For a while now, I've been wanting a small lap dog. Steven has Rusty...but he is sooooo.....BIG!!!! I love Yorkies, but they can be very high strung( I wanted a Calm lap dog!!!). Steven was on Craigs List and happened to come across a Maltese Yorkie we went and looked at him. What a charmer. The young man who owned him, was moving out of the state on a Family emergency, and couldn't bring him with him. So we snatched him up. That is how Chewey came to live with us. (Chewbaca is his given name...but he is so tiny....more like a Wookie then an Ewok!!!) The Maltese has tempered him, but he looks like a Yorkie....When we got him, he had never been cut and his fur was so matted.

We have since had him groomed, it took the poor woman 5 hours to do him....but she was so patient and kind with him...I highly recommend Puppy Dog Tails Groomers. He looks double his size here with all the fur.

And here he is clipped...he hates to have his picture taken, and wouldn't stand up or look at the camera
So this is why, I've been missing. I did have my Open House last Weekend, and my downline meeting wiht Karen today...will post about those later along with some samples!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello all of you fabulous Stamper's. I know it has been a long time since I have posted....Been to Convention...and back. It was a super blast, as always!!! I always learn so much and am bursting with things I want to share with you all!!!! Classes will be coming up as I get them put together, so keep watching. My Open House is next Sunday, July 31 from 1:00-4:00. I have the Make -n-Take all ready, there will be food, and discontinued sets and supplies for sale!!!!

Time to share:

Here are some cards from our last group get together, We made Summer the bold colors!

And here is a fun card that we did for last months Stamper's 10, I loved it so much I used it for my swap at Convention. It is a Digital Hybrid Card. The designer paper is no longer available to buy, but you can print it out from My Digital Studio, along with the Frog image. Add some ribbon and dimensional, regular card stock and you have a great card!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

And..I almost forgot the best thing...Click on the link on the left for a look at the new SU is great!!! it HOT!!!! Movin' very slow....glad today was a holiday...Happy Birthday America!!! Have been puttering in my Studio...made my gifts for my roomies at Convention, and am working on my swaps....Glad I got most of the house stuff done over the weekend!!!

Thought I'd share some cards...first is my swap that I did for our get together last weekend at Dees...

Next are some of the swap cards I got...will post more this week:

Finally, pulled this card out of my pile of the watercolor look

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hello All....Summer is is HOT!!! But still cooling down nicely at night, so tolerable. Today was a Stampin' Day...went to Dee's house and stamped with great ladies!!! Will show the cards later....right now, these are some cards that Phylis's and I did last weekend.

Then, Inkslingers met on Wednesday, and Sue had these as our projects...Great projects Sue!!!!
These were using the Resist Technique!!!!

And these were making your card front and THEN running it thru your embossing folder!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hello everyone....has it been another week...fortunatly, I get more caught up each week....that is a good thing!!!!

Thought I would post the projects that we did at this month's Stamper's 10.

This month we did cards using My Digital much fun, so easy, and so many more images to play with. The first card with the Froggy, was to show that you have tons of background papers that you can print out. Along with the image we have digitally but not as a stamp image!!! I like doing cards that are hybrids, using digital, and then embellishing them with ribbon, brads, dimensionals, etc. But I plan on doing cards for work this Christmas that are totally digital...the time saved will be priceless!!!! And those, since they are for work, I will have the SU professionals print them up!!!!

The second card showed that many of the paper images that are availabl as downloads,are papers that have been discontinued...I loved the Bella Rose papers...and now I can still get them!!! Woo Hoo!!! Also we played with the new triple cool!!!!

And lastly, here are a few more get well cards out of my mailbox. I'm healing nicely...the bandages are all off, and the bruising is finally gone, this one should scar very minimally, but I have a huge band of scar tissue under the skin. What I had from the last one, seemed to go away with I'm hoping this will also,... there is really alot with this one....It will make getting my next mamogram interesting!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hello Ladies...and Gents...for those of you that check in.....Was another Smokey, Windy week....everyone has respiratory distress until these fires in New Mexico go's a mess!!! Couldn't walk all week....made me crabby....made for a long day at work too!!! Am finally feeling like I'm getting caught up!!! WooHoo, may get cards made for Convention.

Thought I'd share some more from my box of goodies....this first one is from an older swap:

Catalogs came in this is beautiful....I can start sharing them and giving them out on June 20....if you are in one of my get one for free...locals that pick them up...they are $5.00, If I have to mail them they are $9.95. I have quite a few...but let me know if you want I can make sure I don't run out....

These next two were get well cards I got recently in the getting cards in the mail!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sorry I'm so delinquent.....upgrading my computer...has been a whole new learning experience...I hadn't planned on...and Steven wants to upgrade my disks, when I go to Convention....I'm not so sure about all of that!!! But I think we have most of this under control now....still learning my editing things may look a bit funky for a while...and I still have tons to download for My Digital Studio, before we are back to where we were...but we are getting lets try and put some pictures on here as a test!!!!

This was from my box of goodies...not sure where it came from...but love the images!!!

And this was from a recent swap I believe.....very summery!!!!

Remember to check out the Last Chance list on the left.....Get them while you can!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm still here!!!

Sorry I've been missing for a while...Steven decided to switch my computer over to Windows 2007, and we discovered that alot of my lot stuff is not supported by I have been slowly rebuilding everything, not to mention ALL of My Digital Studio downloads had to be redone...100's!!!! Ugh!!!! I'm still working on my photo editing program, so hopefully I will be able to start loading scans and pictures on here shortly. and in there, I had my second surgery...actually today, it went well, but I'm in more pain then last I think the recovery will be a bit slower.....But I'm still kickin' if I'm not on here much, that is why!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Golden Show

Just a quick post...have been getting ready for the Show up in Golden...if you are in Colorado, and NEED something to do on Friday or Saturday, head on up to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, in Golden to the Rocky Mountain Rubber High.....Stop by my booth...introduce yourself, if we've never met, I have a little goodie for you!!! See everyone there...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday , Monday....

Got to work this morning...and the place was black as the ace of spades....power was out...and they had to call up to Denver to get someone out to unlock the doors for the breaker box....Now how smart is we all sat around for 2 hours, as we all needed computers....not good...but the rest of the day flew by!!!

Getting things together for the Show up in Denver this weekend....I leave for Golden on Thursday, and Nick comes home from school in Golden, for the Summer....on we will be passing each other....He starts his Internship at United Memories on Monday...First paying Engineering job!!! WooHoo!!!

Here's some more pics of cards!!! First batch are from Valentines Day....

And this one is what I gave my dear Hubby!!!

These are from a swap with Inkslingers....Great cards!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fire and Wind

This Mother's Day certainly didn't turn out quite like I had planned. We were getting ready to leave for lunch, Steven was taking me out.....and when he opened the garage door....shouted...I smell smoke. I came running out...and the whole hill, across the road had errupted in flames......We watched in horror as it raced down the hill...then kicked into gear and ran for hoses, set the sprinklers on that side of the house to stay on....and then had to just watch....Took the fire departments forever to get here....They called in Falcon, Black Forest and Ellicott....Fortunatly it didn't jump the creek bed, but if it had...the people across the street would have lost it all, and we were next. They had already moved their horses out. Way too close for me!!! The whole side of the hill is black, lots of trees will green up nice this summer if we ever get any rain.

This is across the street looking south from our lower pasture.

And how it looks now....

Road up to the top of the hill after lunch...and it came within 10 feet of a house up there. Yikes!!!!

Needless to say, we were late getting into town, and waited a while to get dinner...went to Red Lobster as I was craving shrimp. Yummmm!!!!

Bittersweet would have been my Dad's Birthday...I really had to smile...he sent me a penny.....found it in the driveway when we went for a walk earlier today( if you've been to our property, we have a copper stoned gravel driveway, so to see a penny on it is amazing to start)....he was smiling down on us!!! Long story...but ever since he died...I have been finding pennies....I mean hundreds and hundreds of pennies....we always used to pick them up when I was a kid...and he'd say they were from the Angels..... So thanks Dad...for the Mother's Day Gift!!!

So, lets get some pictures on here!!!

These were some more get well wished I got in the mail this past week!!!

The first project was a mini album that we did this past year at Inkslingers...and the card is from one of our swaps....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A relaxing weekend!!!!

It's Mother's Day Weekend...I hope all of you Mom's out there are being pampered. I did a few things around the house, and have been pretty much playing in my it!!! Plan on going out to lunch tomorrow....Then working on my booth for the Big Stamp Show next weekend....

Here are some cards from the stack....

The first 2 are cards I got in the mail this past getting mail...these were well wishes on my surgery.

Next are some tags that we made a while back at Inkslingers!!! Enjoy

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is it Friday yet???

This has been a long week, but I have a feeling next week will be even longer....OH MY!!! The Stamp Show is ip in Golden on the 13 and 14....hope to see you there...check out my booth!!!

With that said...this will be a quick are the cards that we did at this past months Stamper 10...

The Pink Elephant card was re-teaching everyone how to use the Stamp Positioner...we forget if we don't use it and it is a great tool. The other one was using the Embossing folders and the brayer...this makes beautiful cards....Can't wait to use the new folder that is in the Summer Mini!!!

These are some things that were in my goodie box....the purse was a fun project...and the Tag was from a swap!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wheeeh...this has been a long week, and it's only Wednesday!!!!

Busy at work. We had 12 dignitaries visit us, and so we put on the show for them, with presentations and meals. Lots and lots of food....They will be here tomorrow I'm sure I will be on very slow motion by then...but it was fun!!! Started with breakfast of Coffee and Juice, Rolls, and Kolatchies, Yogurt and Fruit Salad...Yum. Then a mid morning protein snack of Nuts and Cheese. Lunch was from Carino' yummy, Lasagne, Bowtie Pasta, Meatballs, Lemon Chicken, with Pasta and Green Beans, Grilled Chicken, Garlic Bread, Salad, Tea and Lemonade. Needless to say there were lots of dishes. Then we had a mid afternoon dessert...Vanilla Coconut Cake, Carrot Cake, a Berry Cake, with Lemon Icing, and Fruit, and an Ice Cream Bar. Yum!!!! All I could manage when I got home was a salad!!!!

Here's some Goodies for you. The first batch is from our Get together at Donna's on Saturday...very relaxing afternoon....Thanks so much Donna!!!

Our theme was Flowers...great cards Donna!!!
Next from my box of goodies...I think these were from a class I did last year sometime when I was doing the Brayer and Sponging series. If you you are interested in these series...let me know and I will start them up again.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Made it thru my surgery this morning...they only did the one shoulder, so will have to go back to have the other side done in a few weeks....So far so good, except I'm in slow motion, so will post this and then go crash. Here's some more goodies...

First ones are the projects we did at Inkslingers this month.

These were Jackie's projects...great projects Jackie!!!!

This is Paula's project...loved the Ribbon weave...much easier then iris folding!!!
These were from my box of goodies...

The brown card is from a swap this past year, and the othere one was a Mother's Day Card I did last year!!! Off to crash!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lazy Sunday!!!!

OK...I'm not having a good computer day...just did the whole post, and went to add the last pic...and the whole thing went blank...lets do that again. It was a lazy day...Steven still has his cold, so we decided to lay low...since the weather is icky!!! Very cold and flurries on and off. Nick headed back to school, and we won't see him till after finals....Managed to get some laundry and cleaning done, paid some bills, then took a well deserved nap....Made a yummy Mushroom Beef Soup, with Garlic Bread and an Orange Spinach Salad....YUM< YUM< YUM!!!!

Here are pics of the cards from our Swap this month at Inkslingers....

I think our theme was Flowers!!! Can't find my swap that I put in....

And from my overflowing box of cards...not sure who did these, so it they are yours...leave me a comment!!!

Will try to get more in tomorrow!!!

One last thing...we watched "The King's Speech" last night...Steven was so not into it at first...but had to admit, it was a very good movie...just not his style (shoot em up!) It was excellant!!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

So Sorry...MIA

I am so sorry I haven't been has just been hectic....what can I say. I will TRY to do better....

Woke to Steven coming down with a cold....please .... don't give it to me, I have a very busy week. Did have a fun day at Donna's stamping....will get those cards posted later!!! I have such a back log of cards to post...will try and just do some cards this week!!! Monday I have to go in for some minor surgery, and then we have a busy day at work this week with lots of dignitaries coming as you you can see...I can't get sick!!!

This is one of the cards we did at this month's Stamper 10....

LOVE< LOVE< LOVE this card...also gave one to my boss, she went on a trip to DC, but missed the Cherry Blossoms, and this I thought would remind her of them. If you are interested in joining us each month at Stamper's 10...we would love to have you....we usually do 2 different projects each month, and have a blast. I even have long distance people, who also get a copy of the project, and a small product sample. Contact me for the details!!!

Next is a card we did at one of our group get togethers....some beautiful cards!!! Will also try and post those this week!!!

I'm in love with black and white cards!!!! I think if you click on the card, you will get the true color seem so be picking up the background colors.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Internet Woes!!!

Spent Saturday evening, and all day Sunday trying to get my Computer to work right after I switched over from MSN to Outlook.....What a mess, but I persevered!!!! There just never seems to be enough time in the weekend to get it all done!!!

Today I'm showing you what we did at our Stamper's 10 this month...

The pink card was showing everyone how to use the Stamp Positioner...we all need a reminder on that one once in a while, but is is such a useful took once you get the hang of get your's out and use it!
The Blue card was brayering and the embossing the look!!!

Then I thought you'd like to see the card I did for our swap on Saturday....the theme was I've been wanting to do this card for a while!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Windy, Weekend

Another windy weekend...what's new....It throws my arthritis for a loop....all I could do today was sleep...but the headache is gone, and I'm feeling better now. Had planned on gettigng so much done much for plans. Matt's car bit the dust on have been worrying over what he is going to do for a vehicle. He needs a new engine, and can't afford it, and he still owes on the right now car till he can figure out how to pay for it all...I can't help him this time. Anyone want to buy a very used 2002 Nissan Altama...He's asking whatever is left on the loan...

Here's some cards from my Goody box:

This first one is from a swap with RMI last month....WE needed to do cute animals...I guess a ladybug qualifies???

And these were from our swap last month with Stampin'Friends!!! Will post more later.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Leisurly Saturday.....

Today has been one of those rare leisurly days....WE got up late, and Steven made us wonderful omlettes....puttered around the house and got a few unfinished chores done, then made pizza for lunch...yum!!! Worked on bills, which I usually hate doing, because I'm usually rushed...but today was great...then I did some reading, and finally looked at my watch, and was surprised that it was 5:00....made some Chicken Chow Mein for dinner...another yumm!!!! So now, I'm working on the finishing up of my Stamper 10 class for next Friday.... Here are some cards out of my box of tricks!!!

This first one is my swap at last months stamp group....I forget what the theme was...I think it was just Spring...I wanted to use the big rick-rack die!!!

This next card is out of my goodie box, and I'm not sure what swap it was from nor who did it...but it was springy looking...and today was such a beautiful Spring day...I had to post it!!!
And lastly, are the cards we will be doing at Stamper's 10...or at least a Sneek Peek....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Restful Weekend

Thankfully, I had nothing pressing this lots of naps, and getting caught up on things...Highlight was celebrating our Grandaughter Abbey's 11th birthday!!! They grow up too fast. It was fun...All the grand daughters were there...and we had all the way from 15, down to 4 months....with Emma just learning to she was fun to watch. She has also learned to whistle.....and so she was toodling around whistling....too much fun!!!

Hoping to get caught up on class and club projects this week!!!! Have one club project half's coming out cute, if I must say so myself!!!! Here are the St. Patty's Day treats I handed out....

They were York Peppermint Patties, yumm!!!!

And here is a card out of my mailbox from my good friend Abbey.

Love getting mail!!!