Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hello Ladies...and Gents...for those of you that check in.....Was another Smokey, Windy week....everyone has respiratory distress until these fires in New Mexico go's a mess!!! Couldn't walk all week....made me crabby....made for a long day at work too!!! Am finally feeling like I'm getting caught up!!! WooHoo, may get cards made for Convention.

Thought I'd share some more from my box of goodies....this first one is from an older swap:

Catalogs came in this is beautiful....I can start sharing them and giving them out on June 20....if you are in one of my get one for free...locals that pick them up...they are $5.00, If I have to mail them they are $9.95. I have quite a few...but let me know if you want I can make sure I don't run out....

These next two were get well cards I got recently in the getting cards in the mail!!!

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