Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Day!!!

Sometimes Snow Days are nice to have around....espesially if you don't have to go anywhere!!! I've been puttering in my office most of the day. Last night I came home early from one of my Stamp Club it had started to snow...and where I was was really coming down fast.....So I had the evening to work on one of my other craft projects, and was able to get it finished up.
Shhh....don't's for one of my grandaughters birthdays.

I know .... you think all I do is stamp...but I do do other crafts....I used to cross stitch a lot...but then my eyes started really bothering me, and I had to keep getting bigger and bigger weave fabric...and then just had to give it up all together....but I picked it up last month...and was amazed that I was not having the problems I had been having!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scripture A to Z Scrapbook Class

Well...I got it done!!! Woo Hoo...and I was very pleased with it....Here are a few pages from the Class.

Here is the Cover...I kept mine very simple....but if you take the class, you will have the option of adding Designer Paper if yuo choose.

And here are a few of the pages....

If you are interested in taking this class I still have room...but there will only be room for 3 more....and as soon as the Deadline of Jan. 31 comes...I am going to have to cut this one off, as there is a lot to prepare for it.
Class is scheduled to be held Saturday, February 6 at 12:30, here in my Stampin' Studio. Cost is $25. Hope to see you here!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Take Back!!!

OK....I take that back...they are startin' to roll-in NOW!!!! Just finished this one...which is way behind was supposed to be for Thanksgiving...and I just never got around to it...I have some Christmas projects and New Years...same you will be getting those as I finish them up. This was using the Big Shot Table Setting Die....I didn't see the use of this Die at first...but now that I have used it....Oh, My, Gosh....there is a ton you can do with it!!!! I love the Pine Cones!!!!

Now lets see what else I can get finished up!!!

Hurry Up and Hurry Up!!!!

I do apologise Ladies....for not putting up many projects lately. I promise...when they start....there will be a ton. I have a ton in partial completion....My big thing right now is that I want to get all of the classes that are coming up...I want all the projects I can get them up on here and on the e-mails I send out so that you can SEE what you will be taking. Today I finished up the pages for the Scripture Scrapbook Class, and will fininsh the cover should get it up tomorrow or Thursday!!!! And I'm almost done the March Maddness Mini Class and the April Mini Fan Photo Book class. Everything is coming out so cute!!! So please be patient with me!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Exciting News

I just got a call from one of my Downline Karen. Karen and I also used to work together at October Afternoon...and before that she worked at Creative Impressions. She is such a dynamic much so that that Creative asks her back every year to do CHA....They were just setting up their booth..and who walks by...Shelli and Sterling...Shelli is the owner of Stampin' Up! Karen is not she went out and introduced herself to Shelly...and they talked for a while...Shelli is such a dear. And Shelli remembered who I was...and said to say "HI" to I got a personal Hello from Shelly...WooHoo. Wish I could be at CHA seeing all of the new things....Karen asked Shelli if she had seen anything new...and she said not anything they weren't already working on...WooHoo!!!

Back to Monday's!!!!

Yesterday was Sunday.....and I got soooo.... much done!!! We started the day off, going to Church, and I thought we they were going to have a breakfast...that's what Steven said...but then I read the bulletin...and it's next Sunday....naturally...I can't make that one!!! So I was famished all thru Church...couldn't wait to get home. Had a wonderful Boxing Class after lunch.....and I actually got some stuff done around the house before the helped that I was all prepared for the class!!!! After the class I actually had time to sit and work on future classes....I did a sample card for my January Stamper's 10 groups....that was a brayered card...
Well the gal that goes around the country teaching this technique, is coming to the I got all of the class info....but when I told my gals...they were a bit taken back at the cost.($125) and asked if I could put a class I think I will be doing a quarterly Brayer Class, we will be doing 2 projects....and cost will be $10. Will let you know the date...but already know what my first 2 projects are!!! as soon as I get the samples done...I will post them!!!
The Last of my Boxing series was today...and while turnout was light....I have had lots of requests for this type of a I will also be doing a quarterly Big Shot/Punch Class...I knew what I am doing for the first one here will be a cute box, and 4 notecards with a Barnyard theme!!! As soon as I have details and samples I will get those posted also!!! It's gonna be a fun Spring and Suummer with lots of fun projects, classes workshops and ideas... Stay tuned!!! And so we are back to Monday!!!! Oh...and if you live too far away to attend...but are interested in a class...let me know...I can make up kits of class projects!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Post

One of the things I got caught up on yesterday was Thank You's for Steven's business....I always have extra display cards, and swap cards...and so I try and take a day and go thru them and re-make them into Thank-You's for him.....just as long as they are not too FruFru!!!!

Today was my January Stampin' Free For All...and I had so planned on getting a ton of scrapbook pages done.....but I kept having flashes of inspiration for classes, and so I HAD to go and at least write things down, and did a little bit of I only got 3 pages done...but they are 3 pages that are DONE!!!!

We're going all the way back to the early 1980's with these pictures....Alli just had her first baby...and here she is at 1 year old.....I did have these all in albums...but they were the old Magnetic Albums...that were turning my pictures I am slowly, painfully redoing pages....Some day when I'm 90...I may have these all done!!! I am having fun using the Simply Scrappin' Kits....these are all old ones...the new ones are even nicer....they make it almost painless to get lots of pages done quickly. Check them out in the catalog....if you order at my Stampin' Free for All...Simply Scrappin' Kits are 20% off!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tutorial Time

I think it's time for a tutorial!!!! This one is a swing card....and I won't go into the details of the actual card layout...but on how to make a swing card....

I did mine as a Gift Card Holder...but you could do it as a plain card also...
1- Cut your card stock in half, longways so that it measures 4 1/4" X 11".
2- You are only going to use one piece per card, fold it in half.
3- Now cut the top off of one side at 2 1/4"(this will make the top part of your swing.)et aside.
4- Glue your folded halves together.(so they become one piece.)
5- If you are doing this as a gift card holder, go ahead and use yoru slit punch to cut your slits for your gift card....I lay my gift Card on the top part and mark where I want my slits to be.
6- Lay your set aside swing piece back over where it came from and at the lower left corner, punch a 1/16" hole and put a brad in to make it swing. You are going to cover this with a strip of paper in you final design. This is not a good photo, but this is what it lookd like.
7- Cut a coordinating piece of card stock, 4 1/4" X 1". Attach it to the main part of the card(on the strips bottom side.) This way the swing part can set back down into it, and the brad is concealed.
8- Go ahead and decorate...but make sure you don't glue down the swing part....I'd love to see what some of you come up with for decorations.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti Relief

Forgot to put this in my other post....Stampin' Up! has always done it's part when there is a disaster...from Katrina, 9/11, you name it, they have stepped up to do their part. From now until February 28 they wil contribute $2.00 from each sale of I {Heart} Hearts set. This is a great Valentines set...but I will use it year round...I love hearts!!! If you are in a class, club or Workshop, you can order it then...or I will take orders anytime, and jsut tack them onto other orders I have going out so that shipping is to the minimum.
They are also putting together personal care packages at the Corporate Headquarters, and have gotten other vendors to contribute....Thank you Stampin' Up!!!!

Wednesday was a Workhorse Day

Yesterday was such a productive dawned cold and I vowed, I'd stay put and get caught up!!!! I got so much done...and the projects are starting to come to fruition.....Today I am a cutting fool....cranking out the dies for Sunday's Boxing Class!!!! Here is the last box...

Now don't ask me why the background is all snowey....It's the same black backdrop I've always shows correct in the camera...and on my computer when I save it...but it keeps coming up on Blogspot all snowey looking....but you get the idea!!!!
Tuesday night was our make-up night for our Technique classes, and we got some covers for our books are a few....

Once I get these boxes and kits all put together....I will get back to some productive posting, tutorials, contests and all that fun stuff!!! I have a tutorial all set to go, and as soon as I get time....I will get it on here!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Boxing Class Project

I will get these all is the April Bunny for our Boxing Class....The picture didn't come out too good....he's much cuter in person!!! I haven't started cutting for it so if you ar interested...let me know...and you can still get in on the class!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catch up Saturday....

Someday in my life....Saturdays will be for just being lazy, and not a catch up day like they are now!!!! That would be so lovely!!!!

The rest of the cards that we did at Stamper's 10 were using scanner will never be the same again...along with my vacume. When I was doing all the samples for this class, I was having problems with my Dyson Vacume....It keept breaking, and we would have to take it all apart, and get every piece of Rusty's fur out of the gears...and then we would vacume a room and have to start all over. Called them and they said to bring it in....Steven had just finished cleaning it, so I had to wait until it decided to fail again... So there I am, down in my Studio, making these cards...and I drop a jar of glitter and it rolls across the carpet....SPEWING purple glitter everywhere....what a I get out the vacume.....and vacume it all up....and then it now I have to bring it in...and boy is it pretty...all purple glitter....would you know when I picked it up there was not a spot of glitter in it...I'm sure I paid for extra for that cleaning!!!
This is the Make and Take that we did...I showed how to do the flower...and then had them done for them as they take too long to dry....You basically pour some Crystal Effects into a cup, and add about 5 drops of reinker in your color to match your glitter. Paint this onto your Pretties flower, and pour your glitter onto it....let it dry, it takes at least 1/2 hour. Shake off and add more pretties...and pay a fortune for these in the store.
This one is done in a similar matter...but the frame part is a piece of chip board with Heat and Stick on it. When using the Heat and stick on chipboard...color your chipboard first, the with a dauber inked up from an ink pad...then apply the Heat and Stick....heat, and then add the sure not to over heat!!! This way if you miss a spot with the glitter ist is less noticable. This one has lots of BLING!!!!
This one is so soft and spring-like!!!
And I just love the colors on this one!!!!Yum!!!!
On this one...I will give you a TIP on how to make your icycles....You will need a piece of wax paper. Lay down a fairly thick bead of the Crystal Effects, the length you want and with the tip of the applicator, pull down your icycles....cover with Dazling Diamonds glitter...and let dry overnight. Shake off glitter. You will then be able to peel the whole thing off and glue onto your paper....another cost savings, as I saw these at Archivers this Winter...and they were very pricey!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday finish

It's Friday....the work week is almost finished!!! WooHoo!!!! As promised...I am posting some pictures from my Stamper's 10 Clubs this month.
This first card is a very simple one using the Kind & Caring thoughts which is a Hostess Level 3 set....I love this set. Thsi was one of our Make & Takes. This is a very simple card using markers to ink up the flower stamp, since it has multiple colors, and inking up only part of the word stamp. I also love these colors.
This next card used the same set, and a brayering technique. I plan on doing some classes with this technique, so stay tuned!!! If you like what you see here, think about joining our Stamper's 10 Hostess Club. The benefits are great for only a $15 purchase commitment each month(I can do that in paper alone!!!) My Thursday Nite club is starting up a new round, and I can always start up a new club if we get full. There is still one opening in the Friday Club. Will post more pictures and projects tomorrow.
I did call and let them know I was very interested in the job this now I just need to be patient and wait for their decision....they said they would make it this next week. Please say a prayer for me...if it is ment to be, it will be!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Sorry!!!!

I am so sorry I haven't posted anything in a has been crazy. I started a whole bunch of projects all at nothing is finished....except the Stampers 10 projects...and this month was a split Friday nites class was last week, and they did all the projects....but the Thursday nite group doesn't meet till hopefully I will get some of them on tomorrow...and then maybe finish up some of the other projects this weekend.....that is if I don't have interview # 3 tomorrow,.....Yes, I had 2 very good interviews today...and it kinda looks like it is up to me for interview #3.....This company would be so good.....I know I didn't want full time...but this is just 8-5, 5 days a week only...and we really need the $$$ right now...and on top of that...benefits in 90 days!!!! Which would solve a whole slue of problems!!!! So keep your fingers crossed that I keep up this high energy for the next interview!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just one of those days....

Yesterday was just one of those days.....Steven had a doctors appointment for follow-up on his diabetes....and that went all well...Yeah!!!! Since we were in the area....and I was planning on going to Sam's Club today...we decided to do that ...he loves to browse Sams!!!! Got done there and it was near we ate lunch there before heding over to Costco to get his perscriptions filled....we had been told that they have the lowest price in the area. I've never been in Costco...and the new store was great!!! Seems bigger then Sams...not sure on pricing. Our perscription was cheaper they went ahead and filled it...and so we had 45 minutes to we took the tour.....go to pay...and they only take American Express, debit or cash from non members.....Am Ex...who can afford that one!?!?!? Go to use our debit card and it won't take, back across town to our get cash.....they said there was nothing wrong with our had to be on Costcos end....back to Costco only to find....they have closed the pharmacy for lunch....wait another hour.....killing time...went out to the car to read....finally got our scripts.....but I feel like I wasted the whole day...and I had so much to do!!!!
Here are some of the papers in the Welcome Neighbor paper pack in the Sale-a Bration Mini....I love this paper!!!

These are the backs....they are mostly my camera freaked out....not doing them justice....but great paper!!!

These are a sample of the Stitched Felt in the Occasions Mini...I can see some great cards and pages using these!!! Well, off to clean up my studio for tonites Stamper's 10 group.....can't wait!!!!I love working with this fabulous group of ladies!!!! If you wouuld like to join us to see what we are all me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yuckky day

Started out beautiful...I left for town to get my hair cut....Started home, but as I came over the rise of the hill north on could see it commin in,by the time I was home...I couldn't see our house coming up Latigo!!!! Bumped all the thermostates up a couple of's chillie!!!!
Here's the New Year's card I sent out this year....very simple...after the craziness of Christmas.....I love this stamp.....
Well with this weather...I'm gonna work on a few projects I've got going!!! Everyone keep warm...Cathy

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oppss!!! Forgot

And I almost forgot the most important thing....The New Occasions Mini is up now...and also on the links on right to see the new, great products.....They were a little late in mailing out some of the catys...and if you ordered from me this past should be getting one, and if you don't by the end of this week, or just want one...let me know...I can mail some out too!!!! Cathy

Another Class Peek!!!!

Here is our Leprichan for the March Box Class....he came out so stinkin' cute!!!! Now I can't wait to do the April ones!!! This is gonna be a fun class!!!! Check out my class schedule on my SU web page. Then click on events!!!
I'm lovin' the storagabilty of the new Clear Mount Stamps.....stop by and play with them...I will have them out at all myy classes too!!!
Then I just had to slip in a picture of our grandbaby, Emma....that's our oldest daughter Kris' holding her.....too cute!!!
Steven is doing great! But we dipped too low for the first time this morning....I could have told him it was gonna happen...he didn't eat enough for breakfast...he usual has a mid morning snack....which he skipped, and then he was loading up his truck for an inspection he's doing this afternoon. I came home from shopping and he said....I feel sorta funny...and I least that was easy to correct...he ate an orange, and within a half hour was back up to normal....We will learn to play with all of these numbers!!! At least we now have the tools from the Nurse Educator....which we didn't have last week!!! It's a learning curve right now!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sneek Peek Time

Time for a sneak peak of our Stamper's 10 class.....2 very fun is very glitzy, I love it!!!

Spent the day at the hospital working with a diabetes educator...they were actually impressed with how well Steven has done so far...and how well we were handling the whole food thing!!! So that is a positive, affirming thing!!!! He's doing great!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year!!!!

This last year had it's ups and downs...let's hope that this new one is better!!!!
Let's start with a tip...I kept meaning to put this on here...and every time I started I got side tracked...Have any of you been having problems with your gel pens...not just SU's....but gel pens in is a tip to get more use out of them...Take a White eraser...and cut a strip off of one may have to cut it in half, lengthwise...but you want a piece to shove down the ink will have perfect ink flow after you do this....I use my stylus to push it down as I need it!!!! I've bought several gel pens, as they started to not work like I I have a drawerful!!!!

Sale-a-Bration starts on Tuesday...If you haven't gotten your mini, or your Occasions mini...let me know...they did have a problem with the mailing company....but if you have ordered this past quarter, you should have them this week...if not let me know and I have extras....also you can check it out on-line at my web site. Loads of great product!!!

I am also going to change the date on the Scripture Scrapbook class sceduled for Sunday, February 7....I asked my husband at least a dozen times when Super Bowl Sunday was....and I picked it is just moved up to Saturday, February 6. He had a fit that I picked that day to have a class...we always do a game nite here or at my daughters I am in the dog house!!!
Here's a quick little card I started off being for Thanksgiving...but it is appropriate to send out for all the blessigns of this past year!!!!
One last thing...I wanted to share this with all of you beautiful stampers..... Click here Cathy