Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year!!!!

This last year had it's ups and downs...let's hope that this new one is better!!!!
Let's start with a tip...I kept meaning to put this on here...and every time I started I got side tracked...Have any of you been having problems with your gel pens...not just SU's....but gel pens in is a tip to get more use out of them...Take a White eraser...and cut a strip off of one may have to cut it in half, lengthwise...but you want a piece to shove down the ink will have perfect ink flow after you do this....I use my stylus to push it down as I need it!!!! I've bought several gel pens, as they started to not work like I I have a drawerful!!!!

Sale-a-Bration starts on Tuesday...If you haven't gotten your mini, or your Occasions mini...let me know...they did have a problem with the mailing company....but if you have ordered this past quarter, you should have them this week...if not let me know and I have extras....also you can check it out on-line at my web site. Loads of great product!!!

I am also going to change the date on the Scripture Scrapbook class sceduled for Sunday, February 7....I asked my husband at least a dozen times when Super Bowl Sunday was....and I picked it is just moved up to Saturday, February 6. He had a fit that I picked that day to have a class...we always do a game nite here or at my daughters I am in the dog house!!!
Here's a quick little card I started off being for Thanksgiving...but it is appropriate to send out for all the blessigns of this past year!!!!
One last thing...I wanted to share this with all of you beautiful stampers..... Click here Cathy


  1. stephanie sharplesJanuary 4, 2010 at 9:50 AM

    Hi Cathy,

    I did not get the new mini..can I stop by and pick one up? I did get the celebrations one.

    Thanks Steph