Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to Monday's!!!!

Yesterday was Sunday.....and I got soooo.... much done!!! We started the day off, going to Church, and I thought we they were going to have a breakfast...that's what Steven said...but then I read the bulletin...and it's next Sunday....naturally...I can't make that one!!! So I was famished all thru Church...couldn't wait to get home. Had a wonderful Boxing Class after lunch.....and I actually got some stuff done around the house before the helped that I was all prepared for the class!!!! After the class I actually had time to sit and work on future classes....I did a sample card for my January Stamper's 10 groups....that was a brayered card...
Well the gal that goes around the country teaching this technique, is coming to the I got all of the class info....but when I told my gals...they were a bit taken back at the cost.($125) and asked if I could put a class I think I will be doing a quarterly Brayer Class, we will be doing 2 projects....and cost will be $10. Will let you know the date...but already know what my first 2 projects are!!! as soon as I get the samples done...I will post them!!!
The Last of my Boxing series was today...and while turnout was light....I have had lots of requests for this type of a I will also be doing a quarterly Big Shot/Punch Class...I knew what I am doing for the first one here will be a cute box, and 4 notecards with a Barnyard theme!!! As soon as I have details and samples I will get those posted also!!! It's gonna be a fun Spring and Suummer with lots of fun projects, classes workshops and ideas... Stay tuned!!! And so we are back to Monday!!!! Oh...and if you live too far away to attend...but are interested in a class...let me know...I can make up kits of class projects!!!

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  1. Cathy, the quarterly Big Shot/Punch class sounds like it would be fun, especially the one with a baryard theme!