Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Sorry!!!!

I am so sorry I haven't posted anything in a has been crazy. I started a whole bunch of projects all at nothing is finished....except the Stampers 10 projects...and this month was a split Friday nites class was last week, and they did all the projects....but the Thursday nite group doesn't meet till hopefully I will get some of them on tomorrow...and then maybe finish up some of the other projects this weekend.....that is if I don't have interview # 3 tomorrow,.....Yes, I had 2 very good interviews today...and it kinda looks like it is up to me for interview #3.....This company would be so good.....I know I didn't want full time...but this is just 8-5, 5 days a week only...and we really need the $$$ right now...and on top of that...benefits in 90 days!!!! Which would solve a whole slue of problems!!!! So keep your fingers crossed that I keep up this high energy for the next interview!!!!


  1. Hey Cathy...I'll be thinking about you! The BEST of SUCCESS to you. FYI: I put in my resume for the open supervisor position in the children's department where I work. We'll see.

  2. Good luck to deserve the best!!!!