Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Day!!!

Sometimes Snow Days are nice to have around....espesially if you don't have to go anywhere!!! I've been puttering in my office most of the day. Last night I came home early from one of my Stamp Club it had started to snow...and where I was was really coming down fast.....So I had the evening to work on one of my other craft projects, and was able to get it finished up.
Shhh....don't's for one of my grandaughters birthdays.

I know .... you think all I do is stamp...but I do do other crafts....I used to cross stitch a lot...but then my eyes started really bothering me, and I had to keep getting bigger and bigger weave fabric...and then just had to give it up all together....but I picked it up last month...and was amazed that I was not having the problems I had been having!!!!


  1. Wow, That is so cute! I have never been able to do cross stitch..I love it!!

  2. I love cross-stitch too. Congrats on finishing your project.