Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Post

One of the things I got caught up on yesterday was Thank You's for Steven's business....I always have extra display cards, and swap cards...and so I try and take a day and go thru them and re-make them into Thank-You's for him.....just as long as they are not too FruFru!!!!

Today was my January Stampin' Free For All...and I had so planned on getting a ton of scrapbook pages done.....but I kept having flashes of inspiration for classes, and so I HAD to go and at least write things down, and did a little bit of I only got 3 pages done...but they are 3 pages that are DONE!!!!

We're going all the way back to the early 1980's with these pictures....Alli just had her first baby...and here she is at 1 year old.....I did have these all in albums...but they were the old Magnetic Albums...that were turning my pictures I am slowly, painfully redoing pages....Some day when I'm 90...I may have these all done!!! I am having fun using the Simply Scrappin' Kits....these are all old ones...the new ones are even nicer....they make it almost painless to get lots of pages done quickly. Check them out in the catalog....if you order at my Stampin' Free for All...Simply Scrappin' Kits are 20% off!!!!

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  1. Remember! If you can post in advance when your free for alls are coming up I can likely come! I was working on our card swap yesterday.