Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catch up Saturday....

Someday in my life....Saturdays will be for just being lazy, and not a catch up day like they are now!!!! That would be so lovely!!!!

The rest of the cards that we did at Stamper's 10 were using scanner will never be the same again...along with my vacume. When I was doing all the samples for this class, I was having problems with my Dyson Vacume....It keept breaking, and we would have to take it all apart, and get every piece of Rusty's fur out of the gears...and then we would vacume a room and have to start all over. Called them and they said to bring it in....Steven had just finished cleaning it, so I had to wait until it decided to fail again... So there I am, down in my Studio, making these cards...and I drop a jar of glitter and it rolls across the carpet....SPEWING purple glitter everywhere....what a I get out the vacume.....and vacume it all up....and then it now I have to bring it in...and boy is it pretty...all purple glitter....would you know when I picked it up there was not a spot of glitter in it...I'm sure I paid for extra for that cleaning!!!
This is the Make and Take that we did...I showed how to do the flower...and then had them done for them as they take too long to dry....You basically pour some Crystal Effects into a cup, and add about 5 drops of reinker in your color to match your glitter. Paint this onto your Pretties flower, and pour your glitter onto it....let it dry, it takes at least 1/2 hour. Shake off and add more pretties...and pay a fortune for these in the store.
This one is done in a similar matter...but the frame part is a piece of chip board with Heat and Stick on it. When using the Heat and stick on chipboard...color your chipboard first, the with a dauber inked up from an ink pad...then apply the Heat and Stick....heat, and then add the sure not to over heat!!! This way if you miss a spot with the glitter ist is less noticable. This one has lots of BLING!!!!
This one is so soft and spring-like!!!
And I just love the colors on this one!!!!Yum!!!!
On this one...I will give you a TIP on how to make your icycles....You will need a piece of wax paper. Lay down a fairly thick bead of the Crystal Effects, the length you want and with the tip of the applicator, pull down your icycles....cover with Dazling Diamonds glitter...and let dry overnight. Shake off glitter. You will then be able to peel the whole thing off and glue onto your paper....another cost savings, as I saw these at Archivers this Winter...and they were very pricey!!!!

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