Friday, January 22, 2010

Tutorial Time

I think it's time for a tutorial!!!! This one is a swing card....and I won't go into the details of the actual card layout...but on how to make a swing card....

I did mine as a Gift Card Holder...but you could do it as a plain card also...
1- Cut your card stock in half, longways so that it measures 4 1/4" X 11".
2- You are only going to use one piece per card, fold it in half.
3- Now cut the top off of one side at 2 1/4"(this will make the top part of your swing.)et aside.
4- Glue your folded halves together.(so they become one piece.)
5- If you are doing this as a gift card holder, go ahead and use yoru slit punch to cut your slits for your gift card....I lay my gift Card on the top part and mark where I want my slits to be.
6- Lay your set aside swing piece back over where it came from and at the lower left corner, punch a 1/16" hole and put a brad in to make it swing. You are going to cover this with a strip of paper in you final design. This is not a good photo, but this is what it lookd like.
7- Cut a coordinating piece of card stock, 4 1/4" X 1". Attach it to the main part of the card(on the strips bottom side.) This way the swing part can set back down into it, and the brad is concealed.
8- Go ahead and decorate...but make sure you don't glue down the swing part....I'd love to see what some of you come up with for decorations.

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  1. Okay -- now I understand. Great gift card idea. I will try it. Looks easier than the one I was going to try. :0) Thanks Cathy.