Friday, January 8, 2010

Just one of those days....

Yesterday was just one of those days.....Steven had a doctors appointment for follow-up on his diabetes....and that went all well...Yeah!!!! Since we were in the area....and I was planning on going to Sam's Club today...we decided to do that ...he loves to browse Sams!!!! Got done there and it was near we ate lunch there before heding over to Costco to get his perscriptions filled....we had been told that they have the lowest price in the area. I've never been in Costco...and the new store was great!!! Seems bigger then Sams...not sure on pricing. Our perscription was cheaper they went ahead and filled it...and so we had 45 minutes to we took the tour.....go to pay...and they only take American Express, debit or cash from non members.....Am Ex...who can afford that one!?!?!? Go to use our debit card and it won't take, back across town to our get cash.....they said there was nothing wrong with our had to be on Costcos end....back to Costco only to find....they have closed the pharmacy for lunch....wait another hour.....killing time...went out to the car to read....finally got our scripts.....but I feel like I wasted the whole day...and I had so much to do!!!!
Here are some of the papers in the Welcome Neighbor paper pack in the Sale-a Bration Mini....I love this paper!!!

These are the backs....they are mostly my camera freaked out....not doing them justice....but great paper!!!

These are a sample of the Stitched Felt in the Occasions Mini...I can see some great cards and pages using these!!! Well, off to clean up my studio for tonites Stamper's 10 group.....can't wait!!!!I love working with this fabulous group of ladies!!!! If you wouuld like to join us to see what we are all me.

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  1. I really like this new paper with the trees and houses. It makes me feel like Spring is around the corner! At least it was above zero this morning instead of 15 below. I'll take any kind of warm up.