Sunday, February 28, 2010

Decor Elements

They have added a few more pages of Decor Elements to the line....if you haven't checked them out in a while....Click HERE and the origional one will come up.

And HERE is the new supplement...I love these High quality vinyl wall art....check them out today!!

Photo Pages

I had 1 1/2 hours to kill yesterday befor I left for my interview.....and so I actually got 5 scrapbook pages done...they are very simple pages....I think all of mine will be that way until I get somewhat caught up...but hey...that's 5 more pages. I used some of the discontinued...very old, Simply Scrappin' Kits....and they make scrapbooking so easy and quick. If you get a chance ... come by next month for my Stampin' Free for All and I will be doing more of these!!!

Interview went was very long, and lots of tests...and if you know me...I am test challenged.....Who thinks of these torture tests.....I did do good on them though...even the timed one I didn't finish....he said he had never seen anyone score 100%, on what I did get through, and I almost finished!!! Bombed on the typing...but they did that was late...I had had 2 interviews...and my mind was just not there....actually did better on the test run....and I told them that!!! He mentioned that I was not assertive enough....and it was between me and 2 other gals.....but if the interview process was this hard I want the job!?!?!? The job is in mental health mostly...and telling unstable people things they don't want to hear.....Hmm...the word postal comes to mind. Don't mind me...I'm tired!!!! Tired of looking for a job.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Job interview

Anyone coming by for my Stampin' Free For All....I need to cut the hours short today....I have to leave for a job interview this we will be shutting down at 2:00.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Busy Workday & Club Swaps

Today, I'm trying to catch up on all sorts of odds and ends!!! It's nice when you can at least finish a project.....Here are the swap cards I go at my Rocky Mountain Inkslingers meeting....

Our swap theme this month was borders of any kind.

And this was my swap....I used one of our new punches, Scallop Trim Border, which is a freebie in our Sale-a-Bration special....I also did a felted we did flowers last month as our project. This months project was done by Naomi....and mine didn't come out too good so I'm not gonna post it here until I can improve my technique....We did stamping in spackle....really cool, but it needs some patience and practice....neither of which I had Wednesday nite!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

CD Purse Tutorial

I saw these done a while back...and wanted to do a class in them...but never got around to thought it would make a good tutorial....My problem with, I forget to take the pictures as I go along.....Let's see how I did this time. I was in a store tht sold Vera Bradley the other day...and this kinda reminded me of their products....and I just love the Tea Party Designer Paper!!!

Start with 2 old CD's. I sliced off about 3/4" from each side, making sure your cut lines were parallel. To cut it I drew my lines with a Sharpie pen, then put it in my Paper Cutter, and scored it with the cutting blade along that line.

If you have a pair of blunt nosed plyers like these, it's easy to just snap off the smaller peice, and if any tiny pieces are left behind, you can chip away with the plyers....

Next cover with Designer Paper of your choice. I jsut used Snail to attach.

The bottom is cut from your Designer Paper at 2 1/2" x 3 3/4". Score it in half longways and then at 1/4" on all four sides. I then cut out each little corner.

Cut 2 of the sides. 2 1/2" x 3 1/4". Score down the middle lengthwise, and 1/4" on each long side.

Next you will start assembling. I used Sticky Strip on this part, as it holds much better. End to end attach, One side, bottom, then second side. Then attach Purse CD side to the bottom. I put the Sticky Strip in my 1/4" scored folded pieces.

Attach the other CD side to the other side of the bottom piece.

Bring all of your sides up and attach, it's starting to look like a purse!!!!

Use your Crop-a-Dial to punch four holes for your purse straps. Be carefull...I punched away before realizing that the other side had inserted itself into the other hole cutter in my crop-a-dial...and ended up with extra if you look real close you can see my patches.

Attach your ribbon handles.

And you are done....I made matching 3" x 3" notecards with envelopes to put into mine...but you could fill with candy, small gifts...they would make adorable party favors for a little girls birthday party!!! Enjoy!!!

More Projects from Sunday!!!

Here are 3 of the projects we worked on collectively on Sunday....Very nice cards!!!!

Kristen did most of the coloring on this last did a great job Kristen!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still Waiting

Ok...I'm still waiting on my I thought I'd go ahead and post a Tip...haven't done one in a while....Actually this is 2 tips....
Haven't done this technique in ages...and it is so easy...Crayon Resist. I always forget that we carry a white crayon in the Neutrals pack....and go looking for one....but there is one in USE it!!! Stamp out your image and then, with the white crayon..highlight areas. Then take a sponge and dap on your color. Take a tissue and rub real hard to take the ink off of the waxed areas...and soft and pretty. make your leaves.....

fold a strip of cardstock in half and run it thru the crimper.

Cut out your leaf shapes.

Open up and attach to flower!!!

Quick post!!!

Busy day....I'm leaving shortly to run into town...and will stay there as I have a Stamp Club meeting tonite.....That is, as soon as my son brings my car's heck sharing cars!!!!

So today, I'm just going to share the 2 projects that Donna had for us on Sunday...

This is the cute little Leprechaun candy .....

And here is his Pot of Gold!!!! Too cute!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stamping Friends Swap

I love getting everyone's cards when we get together and do many great are the cards I got at our get together on Sunday.

I think our theme was Spring or St Patricks Day, or Birthdays....

Kim did another one of the cute Mini Milkboxes for her was filled with candy!!! Yum!!!

And is my swap!!! More candy!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Class!!! Finally!!!!

Hello All....It was a busy Weekend.....First with Saturday, doing Habitat...and then Sunday was our All Day Stamp for Stamping Friends at Donna's house....We had a blast and she had some Yummy food for us all....we never go without food at these events!!! The company was the best, and we did 2 cute projects that Donna provided.....and them some cards...I will post those later. Today I had my yearly check up with my Cardioligist...and he was very pleased....the gal that checked me in just couldn't get a blood preasure reading on me.....I assured her that I was very much alive....finally they did, and it was so low....which it always used to be before I had all of these was 102/ I was very happy about that....She kept asking me ....are you sure you're not light headed.....You're not gonna pass out, are this is normal for me, pre cardiac problems.....When it goes high...I know as my head feels like it is gonna explode. So it was a good day....they want to do some sort of fancy new test...which will probably cost a fortune.....I'm just not sure it's warrented...but he said it's better to be safe...he hates reading the obituaries...and someone is on there that the test would have benefited.....We shall see.....After the Doctor's...I ran all sorts of errands...and just now got it has been a busy day....

I wanted to get pictures up of the upcoming Big Shot/Punch Class....I finally got the samples all done....
The 4 cards came out so cute...and we will be making evvelopes to go with they are off sized....they also have a surprize to have to come to the class to see.
Here is the little box they will all go into.....
The class will be held on Tuesday, April 13 at 6:30 and is only $10.00....such a deal....I need to know if you are attending by 4/6/2010. I will also do Kits for this class, so if you can't make it, or are too far can still make the project!!! Cost of the kit is $15.00.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy, Exhausting Day

Steven and I got up bright and early this morning to go work on a Habitat for Humanity Home that our Church is helping to build. It was Early...but it was not bright....the weather had to be the worst in eons!!! Cold sleety, snowey, and very foggy. In fact we missed the light at Stapleton...and ran the red was so foggy, and the fog was in we were probably going a little too fast...all of the sudden...there was the light...and naturally...the car just slid thru the one was coming thru!!!! The house is a very cute little 5 bedroom, 2 bath....teeny tiny...and 16 people are going to be living in it. Fortunatly, with the weather...we didn't have to do the siding we were scheduled to do....but it was pretty cold inside!!!! WE did sheet rock.....I measured and cut and Steven and Mike, our other crew member...screwed it all a bed room done in 4 home that would have taken a whole weekend!!!!

I was wiped out when I got home...and just couldn't get warm....even though I had 6 layers of clothing I curled up with my comforter and took and hour nap which managed to thaw me out....I'm getting to old too do hard labor!!!!

Here are some pics of the Technique page and card we did Tuesday and Friday night at my technique classes.

This month we learned about Rub-Ons....great product...ours are the best...they give a very crisp image.

And here are 2 more examples I did....I love the Valentines one...and the one using tags came out good also!!!
If you are interested in learning a new Technique each month....join us ...we meet on the 3rd Tuesday, 6:30 at my home, or the 3rd Friday, 6:00 at Woodman Hills Rec Center East. Class is usually only an hour long...but we do a page for our technique books, and then a card using that technique....There is a $2.00 material fee for the class at my home. Just let me know you will be joing us!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Class....

Have been working on this the past few came out really cute.....if I must say so myself!!!! I love notebooks this is one of my mini classes.....

It's made out of a composition notebook....Steven has cut them down for me......They are so cute...and you will get asked....where you got it, I'm sure!!!! Class will be held Wednesday, May 5, 6:30 at my home. Cost is $5.00 and the deadline is 4/28/2010.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Stamper's 10 Projects, and a Contest Winner

This is the Make n Take that we did at February's Stamper 10 Club. We learned how to make plaids using our brayers....too much fun...this is one of those can get carried away with!!!

This was another card I did as a sample....little bit bigger piece of plaid.And notice that the Grosgrain ribbon is put a slit in one end..and then pull a thread....and it gathers cute!!!
And here are some pictures I did using more plaid!!!

Ok...I totally spaced doing the drawing on Valentines Day for the Panty/Bra here goes....The winner is Kim....I will e-mail you and you can pick which one you want. Congratulations....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stamper's 10 projects....'s already Tuesday...and I haven't posted the projects we did last Thursday and Friday in our Stamper's 10 Hostess Club....Well...this first one is just a simply elegant card using a level 3 hostess set...Kind & Caring Thoughts...touched up with a bit of glitter....I just love this set....wish it weren't a hostess set, as it will be gone in July!!!! We did this as our first Make n Take. So if you want this a workshop now....or come by and you can use it at my monthhly Stampin Free for All(4th Saturday of the month)

This next card is just to show the difference using the Chunky Glitter as opposed to the Ultra Fine Gitter in the first card....very simple but fun card. I used the Sticky Sheets to hold the runs thru the Big shot great!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Orders and Classes and Quilted Bags....

Just got our Stamper 10 orders all entered into the Computer....It can be confusing with Sale-a-bration!!! I don't want to forget anyones free items!!!! I love FREE!!!!

I also got lots of work done on upcoming classes....the Big Shot Class projects are coming out sooo... Stinkin' Cute!!!! I also have a new class for May...will post that one also came out way too cute!!!

Here are pictures of the Rag quilt bag I made for my daughter Kris....I thought I had saved pictures of it....but I cleaned up my cmera...and I think I deleated them with old Kris sent me these pictures....

And here is Princess Abbey modeling the bag....

I've had a few requests....and I have a ton of other fabric projects using the Big I'm pondering holding a quarterly Fabric/Big Shot class...if you think that is something that would appeal to you...let me know...and I will see about getting it on the calendar!!! Sewing is minimal on most projects....some use hot glue....Most projects use scrap fabric....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Brayer Class

I finally got the 2 projects put together for our first Brayer Class....Not all projects will be using brayers...most will...but some will be doing sponging, as in the turquoise card. You can sign up for one...or all....there will be some building of technique.....The first in this quarterly series will be held Monday, March 22, at 6:30, with the deadline being 3/15/2010. Cost is $10.00.

The first card shows the brayer resist technique...with some sponging to get depth in the are actually building a landscape here.

The second project ...and I love these a lesson in sponging to get depth in your picture, and then highlighting....dark and light. These classes are a great way to grow the artist within you!!! Hope to see you here.