Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy, Exhausting Day

Steven and I got up bright and early this morning to go work on a Habitat for Humanity Home that our Church is helping to build. It was Early...but it was not bright....the weather had to be the worst in eons!!! Cold sleety, snowey, and very foggy. In fact we missed the light at Stapleton...and ran the red was so foggy, and the fog was in we were probably going a little too fast...all of the sudden...there was the light...and naturally...the car just slid thru the one was coming thru!!!! The house is a very cute little 5 bedroom, 2 bath....teeny tiny...and 16 people are going to be living in it. Fortunatly, with the weather...we didn't have to do the siding we were scheduled to do....but it was pretty cold inside!!!! WE did sheet rock.....I measured and cut and Steven and Mike, our other crew member...screwed it all a bed room done in 4 home that would have taken a whole weekend!!!!

I was wiped out when I got home...and just couldn't get warm....even though I had 6 layers of clothing I curled up with my comforter and took and hour nap which managed to thaw me out....I'm getting to old too do hard labor!!!!

Here are some pics of the Technique page and card we did Tuesday and Friday night at my technique classes.

This month we learned about Rub-Ons....great product...ours are the best...they give a very crisp image.

And here are 2 more examples I did....I love the Valentines one...and the one using tags came out good also!!!
If you are interested in learning a new Technique each month....join us ...we meet on the 3rd Tuesday, 6:30 at my home, or the 3rd Friday, 6:00 at Woodman Hills Rec Center East. Class is usually only an hour long...but we do a page for our technique books, and then a card using that technique....There is a $2.00 material fee for the class at my home. Just let me know you will be joing us!!!

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