Friday, February 12, 2010

Tutorial, and a Christmas Decoration.....

I know...I'm still way behind in catching up on my Christmas, New Years, and now Valentines projects.....There just isn't enough time in the day...and I'm not workin' right now....what gives????

This is a Christmas Banner I did using the Christmas Simply Scrappin' Kit in the current much fun...and so easy!!!!

Next I have another tutorial to share.....

This was a quick and easy photo folder. The one I did was for my new Grandaughter, but depending on the Simply Scrappin' Kit you can do them for holidays, or vacation name it.

To start, you take one of those simple business folders that have just pockets inside. It's hard to find white or manilla....and some of the colors are really bright....I got mine at Office Depot.

Next you want to turn it inside that the pockets are on the outside....use your bone folder to re-crease the spine.

Then take each face, and fold it to the outside center,(the one you just creased) using the bone folder to make your crease.

All of your pockets should now be on the inside...with the outside being a solid cover.
That's it for construction. Next you take one of the Simply Scrappin' Kits...I used Moments and Milestones, since it was for my newborn gransaughter....but dependign on the event you are have lots of choices....these make it so quick and easy as they have designer paper, coordinating textured paper....and the die cuts are have adhesive on them already....I was having a blast decorating mine.

Oh...almost forgot...finish off with a ribbon to tie it all shut. I did little index cards for each month of her first write milestones down....those go into the cute.

If anyone is interested in doing this as a class...we can do it where you pre-purchase the kits...and we can each custom do our folders.....let me know if you are interested...and we will get it on the schedule.


  1. Everything looks great, Cathy! You're so talented ;D

    I am itchin' to make more cards to have on hand. I'm enjoying putting together the 2 sets of the "Simply Sent Card Elements" I just picked up from you last night. I am going to be purchasing more :o)

    A question for you related to your "Simply Scrappin'" sets found on pp. 164-167... Are there instructions that help with card-making as there are in the "Simply Sent Card Elements" kits?

    ~ Joye from down the street

  2. I love this! If you do a class, let me know.

  3. I THINK IT LOOKS EVEN CUTER IN PERSON!!!! The Simply Scrappin' Kits...make it so easy...Joye...the Simply Scrappin kits don't have directions...but have lots of photos of layouts...and I plan on using them lots for classes!!!!