Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy Weekend!!! was a busy weekend!!! Started with a class on was a fun class...we did the Scripture Scrapbooks....and we were hard pressed to get all 26 pages done...but we did it....and they all came out so cute. Got to meet a new neighbor...Hi Joye!!!! Glad you came!!!!

Sunday we were supposed to be going to my daughter Kris' house for Super Bowl...and I was just bring a few munchies...then Abbey's basketbal team made it into the district playoffs....Way to go Abbey...she scored the winning point!!!! So Saturdays game was the deciding factor for Sunday...if they lost they played at
2:00, and if they was at 4:00....and they WON!!!! WooHoo!!! Go Girls!!!! but it sorta messed up our Super Bowl it got moved to here....I'm glad my house was clean!!!! Super bowl was alot of fun....although I didn't think the commercials were all that great(that's themain reason I watch!!!)...Dorrito ones were the only ones I liked.....We were rooting for the Colts...but the Saints did such a great job at the very end....that was OK!!!

Thought I would share some of the projects we did at the stamp club meeting 2 weekends ago....

These are fantastic....and I will share a few more over the next few days!!!

Oh...and it started smowing at about 9:00 Sunday morning...and hasn't stopped....just light snow....but made roads a little messy this morning..I had an Echo Cardiogram at Memorial at 7:30 this morning...then had some Marketing work to do....fortunatly the roads weren't too bad!!! Tomorrow I'm going with Dee to one of her Red Hat that should be a very fun day!!!

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  1. Way to go Abbey!!! (and way to go saints!!)