Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally getting caught up....

Hello all.....I have a Scripture Scrapbook A to Z Class on Saturday...and it is quite the project to get together. I didn't want to start cutting up paper until I had a final count....3 coming, and 2 kits....and so NOW I am scrambling to get 26 pages times 5, and 5 sets of covers put together....you should see my studio....paper everywhere!!!! I work a little and then I play a little.....:) That's what I love about this job!!!!

I did get the March Madness Mini Class put together.

Here is the CD Holder....looks better in real time!!!!

Here is the Gift Card Holder....Too cute....who wouldn't love to get one of these!!!

And here is a card to match!!!!
This is the first in my series of Mini Classes....fun, short, inexpensive classes.....I have found tons of material to show you all!!!! This is the March Madness Mini Class, and it meets on Monday, March 8, 6:30 at my house.....Cost is only $5.00....and I need to know if you will be joining us by 3/1/2010 so that I can prep for it!!! Hope you can join us....And if you can't...and let me know your are still interested...I can put together a kit for it...cost is the same!!!!


  1. I just love that CD holder. I need plenty of those for my photo CDs!

  2. I think we will make templates of the CD holder for the class also...since it will be good to have them after!!! Cathy