Friday, February 5, 2010

A Mature Type of Card!!!!

Hello all of you Stampers.....You are gonna love this next project....I saw it the other day.....and just knew I had to duplicate it....Dee came over and we did 24 of them for her Red Hat group....and I had done 4 of the Black one's yesterday, and then the pink ones today.....

But no have to flip it over to see the backside :)

A little naughty....but Nice too!!!
Let's do a drawing...haven't done one in ages....leave me a Comment ....and I will draw on Valentines Day....winner can pick which one they want!!! Cathy


  1. Now how cool is that! Abby

  2. Those are too cute. I need to make one of those for a friend having breast surgery - she'll see the humor in it :)

  3. cathy- I love these and have any number of friends that just have to have this card!! How can I get a sample or pattern? You are the best!

  4. Karen...I have 3 Karen's on here...which one are you ,.....let me know and I will send a pattern to you....