Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Just wanted to post a HUGE Thank you to all Veterens, past and present for ALL you have done to make my life the way it is today....what more can we say...we can not thank you all enough!!!! We all need to think about what we have, and how dear it is to us, and how easily it can be taken away....

Here are some of the swaps from all this months Sunday Stamp Day...I could only find 3...not sure if I missed some or if I got projects mixed up with swaps....but will post projects tomorrow.....told you I had a stack to post!!!

These were the swaps I recieved....

And this was my swap...again...I was trying to use up some older paper I have on hand....Remember if you come by on my monthly Stampin' Free For All....I have lots of this paper out to use up!!!
Also...I will be sending out an e-mail to all, but our Stamp Club Garage Sale is this coming Saturday....8:30-noon. 5245 Twinkle Way in Old Farm Area....Lots of good deals!!! If you need directions...e-mail me!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow...I will have the list of Stamps that will be retiring, along with the accessories that will also be retiring. Accessories need to be ordered immediatly, ad when they are gone...they are GONE. Stamps will be available until June 30. Don't wait!!!! I will get my list of sets that I will be selling up as soon as possible...they are first come, first serve!!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quick, Cute Tutorial

Thought I'd do a quick little Tutorial, for a Purse Gift Card....

Here is the front, and when you open it up....

There is a little slot for the gift card....

1-Start with a half sheet of card stock that is cut at 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" in your choice of color. Fold in half and then mark the open end in at 3/4" on each open side and draw a line down to to the folded corner:

2-Next, using the smaller template, cut an additional sheet of colored card stock for the gift card insert. Slide the word window punch in as far as it will go, and punch, and slide to either side and punch again until the slot is long enough to slide a gift card in. Adhear to either inside of the card with sticky strip on all four edges. Next cut a piece of your Designer paper with the same template, but cut 1/4" off of each side, and adhere to the opposite side of inside of card.

3-Cut a piece of matching card stock with the Large Scallop Die in your Big Shot. Fold in half, and with the small slot punch, clip just a small amout on either side of the folded side, so that you can slide the handle in. With the Large Circle from the Circles 2 Die, cut a piece of matching card stock, and then hand trim out the inside so that you have a 1/4" handle. Insert into slots and adhear, and then adhear to back side of card with Sticky Strip.

4-Punch a matching piece of paper with the Scallop Circle Punch, and adhear to front of purse. Punch a hole with your Crop-a-Dial, and insert a Flower Brad.

5-Cut a second circle with the largest circle in the Circle 2 Dies out of your Designer Paper, and cut in half, and adhear to inside of purse flap, to cover prongs of your brad. Insert your gift card and you are good to go!!! What little ... or Big girl wouldn't love this!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weather Changes, time to catch up!!!

I was looking back thru some old posts, to see what I needed to catch up on, and realized, just a month ago we had snow...and today it was close to 90 degrees. That's Colorado for you!!!

I have stacks of things to post hopefully I will get caught up over the next week or so!!! Today I'm posting what we did for our May Stamper's 10 Hostess Clubs.

This first one is using a technique I used a few months ago in my Stamping Technique classes. It is just basically doodling in your open stamped spaces!!!! Very simple.

I love this is Faux Alligator...and we will have to do it for the Technique classes sometime.....makes the cutest purse cards!!!

I was really getting into the purse thing...and so this is one using the Top Note!!!!

And lastly...this cute purse....

With cute little note cards inside.

Lastly, when I was taking these pics off of the camera, came across a pic of 2 of my favorite Princesses...

Friday, May 28, 2010


Finally...we wrapped up all of the Census stuff this afternoon...I am so very glad....I don't think I could have done another day of it!!! The few I talked with were ready also!!!!

I got the Matchbox Kits together before the show, but haven't gotten them up on my Etsy Shop....but if anyone is interested...they are $15 each. Just e-mail me!!!

Everything is included to make the 5 boxes!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy Day

I think my Census Job thinks it is the Every Ready just keeps going and going...I got asked today if I could work one more day to do some wrap up work!!!

Then this morning....just as I was leaving...I get a phone call....I saw that it was from Salt Lake City...but you can imagine my surprise when I answered and it was Shelli Gardner...the owner of Stampin' Up! They randomly call demos for various reasons...and I got called....Boy was I surprised...but Shelli is so sweet and gracious...and we chatted about things going on in the company for about 10 I have been on cloud 9 all day!!!!

Here are pictures of the 2 projects we will be doing in the Brayer Class on June 17, at 6:30, my house....Cost is $5.00, and the deadline si 5/27/10. I love the birds!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Calmer Winds

Today was absolutly beautiful out!!!! Not too much wind, warm and sunny, with those big cotton candy type clouds!!! I loved it....

I may get a few more days on the crew Leader made it sound like there were some people not wrapping their cases up in a timely manner, so I think she may transfer some to me to wrap up.....Gee, isn't it called WORK for a reason!!!! They have also put me on the next Phases list to call back. The work is interesting and the pay is good.....wish it were a permanent job.

I am in love with the 2-Step Bird Punch. Even though it's not in the current Mini Catalog, you can still get's #117191, and cost is $15.95.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gone with the Wind!!!

Boy...I don't think I have ever seen it sooooo windy for sooooo long....this has just been horrible....We're talking...having a hard time standin' up to pump gas in the car type wind.....

I thought I would be getting back to my normal schedule after today, but my Crew Leader for the Census called this morning...and said that she found some more work for me to I have another week.....but at least I feel like I have a handle on it this time!!!! I'm planning on working on classes this evening...which I haven't been able to do in 2 weeks!!!! I may even get to stamp some...WooHoo!!!

I think it's time for some Blog Candy!!! (Contest) Leave me a post...and your name will go into a drawing for some chocolate and a cute little Matchbox!!!

We'll draw in 2 weeks time!!! (June 7) Cathy

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coming Up For Air

OK All....I do has been ages since I posted...and I have missed you job with the Census is winding down...and I am hoping to be done on Tuesday, as long as they don't assign any new territory to us.

I thought I would post pictures of this months Stamper's 10 projects....

This first card was one using a Doodling Technique that I used for one of my Technique classes....simple card...but a way to extend your stamps!!!

I love this little shows how to do the Faux Alligator ...and I'm hoping to get a few more samples of this on here....I just ran out of time to get them made up!!!!

This was just a sample that I did using the top note and a small paper bag in between!!! Cute little gift holder!!!
I will try to get back to my regular posting now that my life is a little more under control!!!! Cathy

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Playing Catch Up!!!

Wheewww!!!! I think I'm finally seeing the end of all the lists I have made for myself!!!I would have been fine on all I needed to do for the Stamp Show and the following weeks...if I hadn't gotten the call o go to work for the Census the rule of thumb is....plan your life out with no possible spare moments...and something that you have been waiting for will pop up in there!!!! All I have left for next week is to finish up a card and cut paper for that card for Tuesday and Friday's Technique classes....I'm good for the Wednesday Fabric and Big Shot Class. I may have to miss a meeding tomorrow depends on how much I get done today is my Stampin' Friends Monthly get together...and I don't miss is my therepy!!!! And I actually got my swaps and project done for that!!!!

Thought I would share a Thank you card Steven and I got from good friends Casey and Chris....

This card is just so soft and crisp and fresh....I love it!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sorry I didn't get back on here last night...I wanted to post Blog Candy...and I was just too tired to go upstairs to get my camera and then come back will post today....but I will save the blog candy for another we will post the new rag bag I did for the show, and a picture of the booth...

This bag was a little bit more difficult to do on the diagonal....but I did it!!!

Here is our booth this past weekend...It came out really nice....
Well, I'm gonna end here...I did Census work today...and it just kept getting colder and colder...and I am chilled to the bone right I think some hot cocoa is in order!!! Naturally we are out on the high plains...and the wind has just been horrible out there.....I can't imagine living out there....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm still here!!!!!

Sorry....I will try and post's always crazy after a show,....and I have classes to teach this week!!!! Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day....I know I did!!! Cathy

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Returning In-Colors...Yippie!!!!

Sorry for the short post, with no stampin'!!! I worked this morning....I just got a huge territory, but the good thing is it's not very far out, and the properties are relatively close together (no more 100 acre ranches, or at least once I finish those up!!!! Then I packed and repacked my car for the that I could have room for Karen to ride with me with her stuff too!!!! I think I got it!!!!

I thought I had posted this...but looking back, I realize I didn't....These are the In-Colors they will be bringing back this July...I'm so excited because I love all of them!!!! They are such yummy colors!!!!
We will be using a few of them this month on one of our Stamper's 10 projects!!!
The ones returning are.....
Melon Mambo
Pacific Point
Tangerine Tango
River Rock
Soft Suede
Rifing Hood Red
Rcih Razzleberry
Wild Wasabi
Pink Pirouette
Baja Breeze
I had been hording the little I had left...and now I can use them!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Windy Day

Boy...I thought I would Blow away today at work....and I got a new area to do...and it is way south of Ellicott to the Pueblo County line....and boy, if you gals think the wind blows hard should see it down there....this area is 100+acre ranches...and boy is is desolate!!! But beautiful...I need to take pictures, and some of the old ranches are so quaint....I had a run in with a cow gate and a cow and her calf today!!! Along with my penny find...those of you that know the penny story...this was a good thing....Thanks DAD!!!!:)

I rushed doing this but it really came out cute. I wanted to be able to show it at the I have given all of my other bags away!!!

I'm just lovin' using my Big Shot for fabric...You should see the next project I have planned!!! Cathy

Monday, May 3, 2010

Babies and Projects

Now here is a happy baby...Dale was making Princess Emma laugh...what is it about a giggling just makes you feel better!!!

And here is a sweet picture of Princess Abbey and Princess Emma. I love my Princesses!!!!Thought I would post the projects that Sue did at RMI....It was kinda funny. I'm doing the project next month...and have a whole folder of ideas to do....Last month Paula did one of the ideas (Eyelet flower) and this month Sue chose one(Lemonade card) I guess great minds think alike!!! I think our swap is anythign with I think I will just do the fabric Big Shot flowers.

They were all great...but I loved the little purse box!!!! Had to squeeze out room to take pictures office is full of boxes and piles for this weekends show...

I'm gonna have to get at least one table clear for Wednesdays class!!!:)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Special!!!! May is National Scrapbooking Month

National Scrapbooking Month

To celebrate National Scrapbooking Month, Stampin’ Up is offering a special promotion for the month of May: purchase a qualifying scrapbooking stamp set or the My Digital Studio software and receive a FREE package of Designer brads–choose from four designs!

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25* First Day 118521 $23.95 120051 $17.95

25* Camino a la Escuela 120152 $23.95 120154 $17.95

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My Digital Studio software

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Click here

Swap Cards to Share

Spent the day out in the wind and cold doing Census work.....Weather forcast looks good for the rest of the week...and then possible snow on Friday...naturally...since that is the start of the show!!!! But Saturday looks good so keep those prayers coming....I can't take 2 snowed out shows in a row.....

Thought I would share the swaps from Rocky Mountain Inkslingers meeting this past week. We had a small group this month...but the cards were great....

The Pink bird is Kim's and the Grey one is Carols'. I just love this 2 Step Bird Punch...and you can still get it, even though it was in the last mini!!! Let me know if you would like to order it.

This gorgeous card is by Leatha....Now I need someone to get married so I can use it!!!

This was my swap card...I was trying to use the new Awash with Flowers Set....I've seen this done so many different ways....Cathy