Sunday, May 16, 2010

Playing Catch Up!!!

Wheewww!!!! I think I'm finally seeing the end of all the lists I have made for myself!!!I would have been fine on all I needed to do for the Stamp Show and the following weeks...if I hadn't gotten the call o go to work for the Census the rule of thumb is....plan your life out with no possible spare moments...and something that you have been waiting for will pop up in there!!!! All I have left for next week is to finish up a card and cut paper for that card for Tuesday and Friday's Technique classes....I'm good for the Wednesday Fabric and Big Shot Class. I may have to miss a meeding tomorrow depends on how much I get done today is my Stampin' Friends Monthly get together...and I don't miss is my therepy!!!! And I actually got my swaps and project done for that!!!!

Thought I would share a Thank you card Steven and I got from good friends Casey and Chris....

This card is just so soft and crisp and fresh....I love it!!!

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