Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coming Up For Air

OK All....I do has been ages since I posted...and I have missed you job with the Census is winding down...and I am hoping to be done on Tuesday, as long as they don't assign any new territory to us.

I thought I would post pictures of this months Stamper's 10 projects....

This first card was one using a Doodling Technique that I used for one of my Technique classes....simple card...but a way to extend your stamps!!!

I love this little shows how to do the Faux Alligator ...and I'm hoping to get a few more samples of this on here....I just ran out of time to get them made up!!!!

This was just a sample that I did using the top note and a small paper bag in between!!! Cute little gift holder!!!
I will try to get back to my regular posting now that my life is a little more under control!!!! Cathy


  1. Cathy, I really liked the faux leather technique that we used on the purses, and it was so easy to do!

  2. I like it to!!!! And I especially like how easy it was!!! Cathy