Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Just wanted to post a HUGE Thank you to all Veterens, past and present for ALL you have done to make my life the way it is today....what more can we say...we can not thank you all enough!!!! We all need to think about what we have, and how dear it is to us, and how easily it can be taken away....

Here are some of the swaps from all this months Sunday Stamp Day...I could only find 3...not sure if I missed some or if I got projects mixed up with swaps....but will post projects tomorrow.....told you I had a stack to post!!!

These were the swaps I recieved....

And this was my swap...again...I was trying to use up some older paper I have on hand....Remember if you come by on my monthly Stampin' Free For All....I have lots of this paper out to use up!!!
Also...I will be sending out an e-mail to all, but our Stamp Club Garage Sale is this coming Saturday....8:30-noon. 5245 Twinkle Way in Old Farm Area....Lots of good deals!!! If you need directions...e-mail me!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow...I will have the list of Stamps that will be retiring, along with the accessories that will also be retiring. Accessories need to be ordered immediatly, ad when they are gone...they are GONE. Stamps will be available until June 30. Don't wait!!!! I will get my list of sets that I will be selling up as soon as possible...they are first come, first serve!!!!

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