Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weather Changes, time to catch up!!!

I was looking back thru some old posts, to see what I needed to catch up on, and realized, just a month ago we had snow...and today it was close to 90 degrees. That's Colorado for you!!!

I have stacks of things to post hopefully I will get caught up over the next week or so!!! Today I'm posting what we did for our May Stamper's 10 Hostess Clubs.

This first one is using a technique I used a few months ago in my Stamping Technique classes. It is just basically doodling in your open stamped spaces!!!! Very simple.

I love this is Faux Alligator...and we will have to do it for the Technique classes sometime.....makes the cutest purse cards!!!

I was really getting into the purse thing...and so this is one using the Top Note!!!!

And lastly...this cute purse....

With cute little note cards inside.

Lastly, when I was taking these pics off of the camera, came across a pic of 2 of my favorite Princesses...

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