Friday, July 31, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!!

I got out of work today, and headed home, with stopped at the post office and Safeway.....As soon as I hit Falcon....the sky opened up....I was totally drenched by the time I got home...Crocks get very wet in the rain!!!! Yikes!!!!

I forgot to post the Swaps from the Rocky Mountain inkslingers Club....our theme this month was tags, either as a tag or on a card...these were fantastic!!!

And this was mine!!!

NO Blog Comments yesterday...Waiting to hear from everyone!!! Remember to post to the comments section and not in an e-mail!!! Stampin related!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Inkiy Pinkies...

I warned everyone that Blogging was a very new thing for me....I thought I had the Comments thing all figured out, and that when you placed a comment it went direct to the did when I did some practice runs....well NO..... I have to go in and check them and approve them, which is no big deal...but when I went in to do that for yesterdays post....I found all these old comments....and I was feeling sorry for my self that no one was that is why you never heard back from me....I WILL get this figured out!!!!

My Pinkies are all Inkiy....I was working on a new technique this evening that I will be using for my Technique Classes....way too much fun.....I will make sure I have gloves for the was messy...but fun!!! No sneak peak...will show pics later!

Also worked some more on my convention swaps, and as soon as they are all done, I will post them also.

Don't forget the Blog Post Contest....leave me a comment...stamping related!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let's do another Contest!!!

OK Girls....I love having fun...let's do another contest here.....I'm having a blast with my Blog...but no one is leaving comments.....I want this to be interactive....I need to hear from you all, so I know what direction to take this all!!!! So here is what we are gonna do for this contest. Our time frame is, Starting today, until I get home from Convention....on August 9. This one has some rules to follow....

1- You must post a comment on my Blog to get an entry. One entry a day...NO e-mail comments....if you go to the end of each on comments, type your comment in the box, and click on post comment...very easy!!!!

2-You can post once a day....and I will collect all the postings for the drawing.

3-Posting requirement: Your post must be about something stamping related that you did in the past week...(examples could be: What your favorite product you used this week is, why you love stamping, a new technique you tried, a stampin' friend came over for stampin' fun, a stampin' event you attended, Hint!Hint! . MY BLOG (this would also count, but you have to tell me what you Love about my Blog, stampin' related, remember...)

OK finally, what's the prize???? I was going to give out the goodies to one person.... BUT NO...I wanted to spead the wealth....I don't have these done yet, as I haven't gotten them yet, but to start... a card using the NEW Build a Bear dies....Plus, I know I'm gonna come home from Convention with tons of cute, cute, cute ideas!!!! And one of the following goodies....a container of Black embossing powder, or a new package of discontinued Gold organdy ribbon(I am cleaning out my stash!!!!)

Can't wait to hear from you all....GOOD LUCK and may the best Stamper win!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just another Busy Monday!!!!

Whheew....Mondays seem to be short days!!!!! Lots to cover...lets get started with this weeks Deal of the Week....

Fantastic Deal!!!!

This has been going around the internet for a while...but in case you haven't seen it.....check it out....hilarious!!!!

I'm behind in my postings here....

This is 2 of the projects that we did at last weeks Rocky Mountain Inkslingers Club get together. We were playing around with punches.....too much fun.

Have been busy trying to get some swaps done for Convention...I will post them jsut before I leave. Now is a great time to set up a workshop for August or September....I will have tons of fresh ideas from Convention....and I'm sure Stampin' Up! will have more great specials!!!!

Last but not Least!!!! I'm feelin' another contest coming on....will post it tomorrow so stay tuned!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cloudy, rainy, BUT... Fun Saturday.

It was cloudy, and rainy, and generally an under the weather day....but we got to enjoy the evening with a group of recent Master Student Graduates from Adam's State....our oldest daughter Kris being one of the Fox and the Hound Pub. Yummy food, and lots of fun!!! Congratulations Kris...a wonderful accomplishment!!!!

That's Kris and I....I'm the one with gray hair....

Today was a day to catch up on all the things that just never seem to get cleaning bathrooms, and working on classes....the classes are much more fun to work on than bathrooms!!!!

These are the projects we will be doing at the August 17, 6:30 , Book It Class. They came out really cute, and would make great teacher and co-worker me by August 10, If you are interested, so that I can get supplies ordered!!!! Cost is $20 for the class and all supplies.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Hot One!!!

Boy...I sure am glad that I work in an air conditioned building...I walked out this afternoon, and just about fell over, it was so hot. At least we didn't have jack hammering and sledge hammers today, as they rehab the space next to us for a restaurant....I hope they give us some free meals in exchange for the headaches I've gone home with!!!! (and searching for a parking space)

Enough belly aching....Have you been having as much fun as I have with the Scavenger Hunt.....Well, I finally got thru all the e-mails....and the winner is....Shawna Allen. Woo Hoo....and you came by today to get your stuff....I will just put this in a bag with your name on it, and give it to you in August....Congratulations!!!...stay tuned into my Blog...I will have more contests....This was too much fun!!!!

TJ says that Wanda will be joining us permamently....Thankfully Rusty didn't scare her too much. Rusty...who has never jumped the gate...decided he must have really liked TJ and Wanda when they were leaving last month's Stamper 10, I can imagine ...having my 135 pound beast come at you in the dark!!!! Rusty ...Bad Dog. Actually he is a really good dog!!!! I will have to get pictures this weekend...Steven is teaching him to retrieve the Frisbee!!!! After all...he is a retriever.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scavenger Hunt....

I'm gonna give day to get all of your answers into me.....I feel like a teacher, grading papers!!!! I am having too much fun with all of this....Get your answers into me if you haven't, tomorrow I pick the winner!!!!

Here are pictures from the 2 Technique Classes I offered this month. Techique Friday at Woodman Hills Rec Center West (3rd Friday of each month, 6:00) and (3rd Tuesday, my home, 6:30) Contact me for more information...we will be compiling a book of techniques over the months...and I will have make-up days twice a year, and we will work on the covers on those days also. This is a great way to learn how to do all those things you didn't know how they did!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Some days ... there just isn't enough hours in the day! Yesterday was one of those days....I had every intention of posting to all of you...and it just seems that everything I started, I got side tracked. I did get in a wonderful telephone conversation with one of my Downline, Karen...hey Karen!!!

I wanted to share with you...I used to do Marker Clubs...and have wanted to start Ribbon and Designer Paper Clubs...They are so much fun...and a great way to get all that you want. But it is so hard to get everyone together to get one I decided to just do some samplers...Here is the first one.

It is 3 yards of each of the new In Color ribbons. Cost is $14.00. Great deal. Contact me if you are interested.

And, drumroll......... Our last Scavenger Hunt question is....

20- How many new punches in this catalog, and their names?

I will wait a few days for you all to get your answers into me, and then I will go thru the stacks of answers, and the one with the most correct answers will win the Pumpkin Pie Ribbon....I will have a drawing if there is a tie!!! Good Luck!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stormy Sunday

The skies have blackened up, and the wind has picked up...and it looks like a storm is brewin....We are all safe and snug in my stamp studio, creating Summer Cook-out goodies!!!! If I can wrestle my samples from my students...I will post a picture here....

We are just having too much of a good time....wish you all could be here!!!!

I was busy yesterday evening working on new Class Projects, Convention Swaps, and Stamper's 10 didn't get a question posted, so here are 2...just e-mail me your answer!!!! We're almost done!!!!

18- How much is the Princess Party Kit?

19- How many NEW Rub-on sheets?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Technique Friday!!!

Had the first of my Technique Friday Classes at the Woodman Hills Rec Center....Fun, Fun, Fun!!!! I won't show pictures of the project until next week, as I am doing a technique Tuesday Class at my home!!!! Still time to join us!!!!

When I got home from work, there was a wonderful Stampin' Up! box on the front porch....and lots of fun, new supplies. I will post a picture of the yummy new In Color ribbons....

Out to Lunch with Stampin' Friends tomorrow and a little shopping....what a way to spend a Saturday!!!! Today's Scavenger Hunt Question...

17- How many sheets of DSP in the Write Stuff specialty?

E-mail me your answer.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Week is Almost Over....

I don't know about you....but this seems like an exceptionally long week...maybe because I only worked 4 days on each of the last 2 weeks.....

These were the pictures of the projects that my Stamping Friends Group put together Sunday afternoon.

We all bring a project, and enough supplies so that we all go home with 2-3 of that we usually have 20-30 cards each when we are done.
Here is my project: (side note...I did use some discontinued paper....I was trying to get it used up!!!)

These ladies save my sanity...Start your own me and I will help you get one started!!!! And I love coming and doing demos at events!!!!

And back to our Scavenger Hunt questions.....

15- How many NEW alphabet type Stamp Sets in this Catalog?

16- Name the new In Colors?

Keep those e-mails comong with your answers!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy Day

Whew!!!! Was a busy day...Steven and I had dentist appointments early this to start....nothing got done that I need to get done in the morning, since I went straight from the dentist to work...Then, I thought I had a Webinar for Stampin' Up! at 4:00, so was planning on leaving at 3:00....but the owners had to step out...and left me in charge....and so I was a little late getting off....rushed home, only to realize that the webinar is tomorrow at 4:00....I hate it when I do that. I've been busy working on future class projects, and Convention Swaps....will show those later when the are all done!!!! I do have the pictures of the swaps that our Stamping Club did Sunday.

We started out doing Christmas in July....but got some other wonderful cards thrown in....

Here is my swap...

We will skip our Scavenger Hunt question today, since it is the 15th...and I need to pick a follower for the In-Color Markers drawing. Drumroll please!!!!!!! Steven picked....Barbara Fischer....WooHoo...I will be sending these off to you are gonna love the rich new colors.....

We will be having more of these drawings...and the more that participate...the more let your firends know about the Blog!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Toys!!!!

I spent the evening playing with my new Bind-it-All....I know it is not a Stampin' Up! product...but I got it to make books for my classes!!!!I had so much fun, and it was so easy!!!! I can see we will be doing lots of book classes, or things that require binding!!!!! Way Cool!!!!

Our Scavenger Hunt question for today is:

14- How many greetings are on Everything Nice?

E-mail your answers to to be eligible for the drawing!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ahh...Calgon...take me away!!!

I am on a Stampin' Up! over load!!!! We just had too many things introduced to us today....too many fabulous things.....

First things I know many of you have been waiting...this weeks Deal of the Week....

Square Fire Rhinestone brads
Great Deal!!!! Order by Saturday nite, that I have time to get it ordered!!!!

Here are the pictures of the projects that we did at our Stamper's 10 Hostess Clubs this past week. The butterfly one is using the Baby Wipe Technique that I will be teaching at my Technique classes...and the other ones were just a light, summery card, one nite did one, the other did the other one.....

I was able to see the new Holiday Mini Preview today....oh my....40 wonderful pages of fabulous...must have things....Let me see if I can paraphrase....Lots of new Fall, Winter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas sets, and accessories, I need them all....lots of new Sizzix dies to go along!!!! You all know how I love Halloween....I can hardly contain myself!!!! They have outdone themselves....Next, they have introduced a line of Charms and Chains...for jewelry and decorating ....they are just fabulous!!!! I can feel a class coming on!!!!

Added to all of that they have teamed up with Build-a-Bear...and Sizzix, and have the cutest stamp sets, and bear dies...that are exclusive to Stampin' Up!!! I'm gonna have to have classes with these...and maybe some kids parties!!!! Way too much fun!

Lastly in there...the have rolled out the Digital Scrapbooking, which will be available sometime this fall....I will know more about that when I go to Convention....but it looks super cool!!!! A marriage of Digital Scrapbooking...very easy to use, and Stampin' Up! products to add pizzaz to your pages!!!! This will be going out to those that have ordered recently, sometime later next month....and you can start ordering Sept. 1!!!! If you don't get one, and want one...let me know.

And we can't forget...our Scavenger Hunt Question...I think I'm behind a question again, so here are 2:

12- My favorite stamp set in the whole catalog, on page 133 is?
13- Things have been _________________. I just want to say __________.

Drop me yur answers in e-mails

I just signed up on Twitter...and will be sending out a tweet a day, with quicky if you would like to get those....e-mail me and I will send you an invite!!! Tweet...tweet!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I finally feel like I'm catching up!!!!

Today was my Open House, I had gotten lots of people telling me they wanted to come...but today was a bad the turn-out was low....but those that did come, had a good time....and I decided to hold an extra drawing for some of the gifts that didn't go out....and won!!! Since I'll never remember all that you can pick from my stash next time you are at the house!!!! Congratulations!!!! Here are pictures of the Make-n-takes.

Because it was a slow, lazy afternoon..I was able to catch up on some paperwork...and on some stamping!!!!

And as are some pictures of our road trip to do Steven's Damaged Freight Inspection. We started out at 7:30 AM....drove west for 3 1/2 hours...the countryside was beautiful...and these pictures do not do it justice. Found the place in the middle of nowhere, outside of Villa Grove....spent a whole 20-30 minutes taking pictures and back on the road, home....stopped in Salida for a nice lunch and made it home at about 4:30. That was a long day!!!!

Our Scavenger Hunt Queston for today is:
10- What time is on page 124?
11- ___to the Chef?
Actually you get two questions today....somewhere we lost one....remember...e-mail me your answers....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lots of Thunder!!!!

Boy, has it been crashin' and boomin' out there....I just love a good thunderstorm.....I'm off to's been a long day, my Friday nite Stamper's 10 Hostess Club just left, we had a blast!!!! I will post the projects later this weekend...but for is today's Scavenger Hunt question...

9- I ___ Lists

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy Day

This is just going to have to be our Scavenger Hunt question....I had my 2nd Thursday Stamper's 10 Hostess Club....and we had a blast...but it is late, so pictures of projects, and of our road trip will have to wait till this weekend!!!!

8-Name three friend stamp sets in the All Natural section? (Hint...There are more than 3) Remember...just e-mail me the answer to be elibible for the drawing.

Oh, and check out the Big Shot video on the sidebar!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No question tonite

I'm sorry.....our DSL went down last nite....and is still down as we speak...I ran into town to the library, just so that I could catch up on my e-mail and post on my Blog....and I forgot my Scavenger Hunt questions. So we will, hopefully catch up tomorrow. I will also post our pictures of our road trip today, which was fantastic.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Dog Days

Boy....was it hot today...and it's supposed to just keep gettin hotter.....It was so slow at work today....the Rodeo Parade is tonite, and they shut off all traffic downtown....and so we had no customers....which was good as I'm taking tomorrow off...and I was able to catch up. Steven has to drive 3 1/2 hours into the mountains to a little town called Bonanza, to do a damaged freight inspection....and, we thought it would be a nice drive(plus, I hate to have him drive 7 hours , by himself, in the mountains....)so I'm off to see the mountains....will try and get pictures.....I will bring my catalog, and do some serious class planning, if my motion sickness will allow it.

Here is today's Scavenger Hunt question....
7- Name the two new party kits?

E-mail me your answer at

Monday, July 6, 2009

Scavenger Hunt...

OOOPPPSSS...forgot to add the next Question before I posted that ....
6- What four wheels are on Page 65?

Remember...just drop me an e-mail with your answers!!!

Deal of the Week

Here is this Weeks Special:
Deal of the WEEK!

Big Shot Bag

Regular Price: $69.95

Special Price: $49.99

You have from now until July 13 to get your order into me...actually, get it to me by July 12, so that I can get it ordered....unless you want to order it on-line, then use code #113474. Great deal.....I love my bag, but then I lug my Big Shot all over the place!!!!

YUMMY!!!! I just love the new IN-Colors....a few of you have asked me to post them on here they are.....usually, it takes me a few months to warm up to the new In Colors....but I just love this set of is so lucsious!!!!
Remember...if you sign on as a Follower....your name will be entered into the drawing for a set of the In-Color Markers...Drawing held, July 15.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

An All American 4th

Sorry I wasn't able to post's been a busy weekend!!!! I did get my background for this page figured out...Hope you like the new look!!!! This has been a strange 4th of July Weekend. The weather has been dismal.....but spirits are high!!!! We started our Friday evening by going to our annual 4th of July Sky Sox Baseball Game. Didn't tailgate this the weather was very iffy...and we knew we would be BBQing the next day.....So we all stopped off at Chick-fil-let....and grabbed some good eats...then, off to the ballpark....we no sooner got setteled into our seats...and the sky opened up.....Fortunatly we were we sat out the rain delay under our ponchos and umbrellas.

Finally the sun came out and along with it the rainbow!!! Now to get all setteled again....

Abbey, Kris and Sarah!!!!
The game seemed long, probably due to the rain delay....but the Sky Sox won in the end 8 to 2...

...and then the long awaited fireworks...they were excellent as usual, and the pics don't do them justice....

Yesterday we woke to very dreary weather....intermitent rain all our BBQ was held in Kris and Dale's garage....the sky cleared just long enough so that the kids could set off a few fireworks, and do sparklers.....and today...again, it's raining...yuck!!!!

But...I didn't get to post our Scavenger Hunt question yesterday, so you get 2 again today!!!!
4- What new die can be used to decorate cupcakes, boxes, treats, etc?
5- Everyone gets this one right....What is the item you love most in the new SU catalog?
Remember, e-mail me your answers at You can jump in anytime....

Friday, July 3, 2009

Short but Sweet....

Hello all of you fabulous Stampers and Scrappers!!!! Hope you are having a great start to the 4th of July Weekend. I actually got the day off today, and I am being really lazy, just puttering around working on this....working on that....there are always so many things undone when you work.....Hopefully someday I will be able to go back to just doing my Stampin' Up!!!!

We need a new question for our Scavenger here goes:
3- How many Christmas Stamp sets so we have in the Holiday section?

E-mail me your answers at Remember....I have plenty of the new catalogs....or you can check it out online here .

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I really am bad...I started to post one thing...and every time I hit enter...this thing sends off to my Followers...I do apologise.....I will get the hang of this!!!!

I also apologise....I had every intention of getting the first Scavenger Hunt question out yesterday, and got so wrapped up in getting the new catty info up and old stuff off, that I spaced you get two questions today!!!!

#1...How many birds total can you count in all of our hostess sets?

#2...Name the new Halloween Background Stamp Set.

Remember...if you don't have a catalog, you can check it out online here E-mail me your answers at, and Good Luck!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

IT"S HERE!!!!!!

It's Here, It's Here, It's finally Here!!!! You can now order from the New Stampin' Up! catalog.....I have plenty of them on please...stop by and get one, they are $7.00 if you pick one up, or $10.00 if I have to mail one to you.....It is definitly a Keeper!!!!

Want to know what some of my "must haves" are?

* New "In Color" Markers!!!! Yes – $17.95 – well I have these but had to list them

* 2 new embossing folders! and they are soo.... inexpensive!

* Princess Party Kit – I think this will be a hot item – soo cute.

* Big Shot Simple Numbers – Yea! numbers for my Big Shot!!!

* In Color Polka Dot ribbons – yes I love the dots! and the new In Colors!

* Designer Series Paper – of course in the In Colors but, I am also ordering the Cottage Wall and Kaleidoscope

* Favorite new Simply Scrappin’ kit – Sunny Day. (these kits are an awesome value for the price!)

* Punches – of course I have to have the new punches – I already have one but, need the rest!

I’ll keep you posted on the rest of my must have's!!!!