Saturday, July 11, 2009

I finally feel like I'm catching up!!!!

Today was my Open House, I had gotten lots of people telling me they wanted to come...but today was a bad the turn-out was low....but those that did come, had a good time....and I decided to hold an extra drawing for some of the gifts that didn't go out....and won!!! Since I'll never remember all that you can pick from my stash next time you are at the house!!!! Congratulations!!!! Here are pictures of the Make-n-takes.

Because it was a slow, lazy afternoon..I was able to catch up on some paperwork...and on some stamping!!!!

And as are some pictures of our road trip to do Steven's Damaged Freight Inspection. We started out at 7:30 AM....drove west for 3 1/2 hours...the countryside was beautiful...and these pictures do not do it justice. Found the place in the middle of nowhere, outside of Villa Grove....spent a whole 20-30 minutes taking pictures and back on the road, home....stopped in Salida for a nice lunch and made it home at about 4:30. That was a long day!!!!

Our Scavenger Hunt Queston for today is:
10- What time is on page 124?
11- ___to the Chef?
Actually you get two questions today....somewhere we lost one....remember...e-mail me your answers....


  1. I am sooo disappointed I couldn't make it. I was looking forward to spending time "in the zone" for a couple hours. I'm excited to get my hands on the latest catalog. BTW Cathy, your blog is fabulous!!


  2. I think that rock outcropping looks like a giant bird.

    I'm sending my scavenger answers!

  3. I posted a comment earlier and it never showed - so I'm posting again. Looked like a fine day for a road trip. That rock outcropping looks like a large bird :)

    I sent my answers in for the scavenger hunt :)