Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cloudy, rainy, BUT... Fun Saturday.

It was cloudy, and rainy, and generally an under the weather day....but we got to enjoy the evening with a group of recent Master Student Graduates from Adam's State....our oldest daughter Kris being one of the Fox and the Hound Pub. Yummy food, and lots of fun!!! Congratulations Kris...a wonderful accomplishment!!!!

That's Kris and I....I'm the one with gray hair....

Today was a day to catch up on all the things that just never seem to get cleaning bathrooms, and working on classes....the classes are much more fun to work on than bathrooms!!!!

These are the projects we will be doing at the August 17, 6:30 , Book It Class. They came out really cute, and would make great teacher and co-worker me by August 10, If you are interested, so that I can get supplies ordered!!!! Cost is $20 for the class and all supplies.

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