Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy Day

Whew!!!! Was a busy day...Steven and I had dentist appointments early this to start....nothing got done that I need to get done in the morning, since I went straight from the dentist to work...Then, I thought I had a Webinar for Stampin' Up! at 4:00, so was planning on leaving at 3:00....but the owners had to step out...and left me in charge....and so I was a little late getting off....rushed home, only to realize that the webinar is tomorrow at 4:00....I hate it when I do that. I've been busy working on future class projects, and Convention Swaps....will show those later when the are all done!!!! I do have the pictures of the swaps that our Stamping Club did Sunday.

We started out doing Christmas in July....but got some other wonderful cards thrown in....

Here is my swap...

We will skip our Scavenger Hunt question today, since it is the 15th...and I need to pick a follower for the In-Color Markers drawing. Drumroll please!!!!!!! Steven picked....Barbara Fischer....WooHoo...I will be sending these off to you are gonna love the rich new colors.....

We will be having more of these drawings...and the more that participate...the more let your firends know about the Blog!!!!

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  1. Dear Cathy...Thank you so much and please thank Steven for picking my name out of the
    "hat"! Wow...what a surprise!!! I'm sure looking forward to those wonderful markers with their new colors!! I'll make good use of them...I want to start my Christmas cards soon!! I'm surprised and excited to have won!!!! Thanks so much ...and by the way...I love your blogs...but am not sure what profile to pick when I want to reply...duh!! Not the brightest bulb in the box am I??? so here goes I'll try again! Barb