Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Hot One!!!

Boy...I sure am glad that I work in an air conditioned building...I walked out this afternoon, and just about fell over, it was so hot. At least we didn't have jack hammering and sledge hammers today, as they rehab the space next to us for a restaurant....I hope they give us some free meals in exchange for the headaches I've gone home with!!!! (and searching for a parking space)

Enough belly aching....Have you been having as much fun as I have with the Scavenger Hunt.....Well, I finally got thru all the e-mails....and the winner is....Shawna Allen. Woo Hoo....and you came by today to get your stuff....I will just put this in a bag with your name on it, and give it to you in August....Congratulations!!!...stay tuned into my Blog...I will have more contests....This was too much fun!!!!

TJ says that Wanda will be joining us permamently....Thankfully Rusty didn't scare her too much. Rusty...who has never jumped the gate...decided he must have really liked TJ and Wanda when they were leaving last month's Stamper 10, I can imagine ...having my 135 pound beast come at you in the dark!!!! Rusty ...Bad Dog. Actually he is a really good dog!!!! I will have to get pictures this weekend...Steven is teaching him to retrieve the Frisbee!!!! After all...he is a retriever.

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