Thursday, July 30, 2009

Inkiy Pinkies...

I warned everyone that Blogging was a very new thing for me....I thought I had the Comments thing all figured out, and that when you placed a comment it went direct to the did when I did some practice runs....well NO..... I have to go in and check them and approve them, which is no big deal...but when I went in to do that for yesterdays post....I found all these old comments....and I was feeling sorry for my self that no one was that is why you never heard back from me....I WILL get this figured out!!!!

My Pinkies are all Inkiy....I was working on a new technique this evening that I will be using for my Technique Classes....way too much fun.....I will make sure I have gloves for the was messy...but fun!!! No sneak peak...will show pics later!

Also worked some more on my convention swaps, and as soon as they are all done, I will post them also.

Don't forget the Blog Post Contest....leave me a comment...stamping related!!!!

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