Sunday, July 5, 2009

An All American 4th

Sorry I wasn't able to post's been a busy weekend!!!! I did get my background for this page figured out...Hope you like the new look!!!! This has been a strange 4th of July Weekend. The weather has been dismal.....but spirits are high!!!! We started our Friday evening by going to our annual 4th of July Sky Sox Baseball Game. Didn't tailgate this the weather was very iffy...and we knew we would be BBQing the next day.....So we all stopped off at Chick-fil-let....and grabbed some good eats...then, off to the ballpark....we no sooner got setteled into our seats...and the sky opened up.....Fortunatly we were we sat out the rain delay under our ponchos and umbrellas.

Finally the sun came out and along with it the rainbow!!! Now to get all setteled again....

Abbey, Kris and Sarah!!!!
The game seemed long, probably due to the rain delay....but the Sky Sox won in the end 8 to 2...

...and then the long awaited fireworks...they were excellent as usual, and the pics don't do them justice....

Yesterday we woke to very dreary weather....intermitent rain all our BBQ was held in Kris and Dale's garage....the sky cleared just long enough so that the kids could set off a few fireworks, and do sparklers.....and today...again, it's raining...yuck!!!!

But...I didn't get to post our Scavenger Hunt question yesterday, so you get 2 again today!!!!
4- What new die can be used to decorate cupcakes, boxes, treats, etc?
5- Everyone gets this one right....What is the item you love most in the new SU catalog?
Remember, e-mail me your answers at You can jump in anytime....

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  1. Hi, I randomly found your blog and wanted to let you know I had forgotten (until now) how wonderful the Stampin' Up catalogs were.

    Aileen /