Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nice and easy Saturday!!!

Today was kinda a nice and easy slow catch up day....I missed having you stop by at my Stampin' Free For all...Starting next month...we will have a free Make-n-take on those events!!! Something fun that I couldn't fit into a class!!! Today I got caught up on my Downline metting stuff for next weekend....I haven't done Downline meetings in ages, and have decidedd to start them back up...we used to have such a blast...but then life got in the way...I decided that my Downline was important to me...and I would scedule them in!!! IF you would like to be a part of our fun times....think about becomeing a demonstrator...the kit is only $175, such a deal!!!

Thought I'd pull some things out of my mailbox....I got this great invitation to a 4th of July Bar-b-que...that was fantastic...from my friend Donna.

And Here are 2 swaps from Convention....It seems most of my swaps had punches and Big Shot items on them....The Big Shot is such a versitile tool...if you don't have one, see me about getting one....come to one of my Big Shot Classes and you can purchase one at a discount.

New product update

Stampin' Pastels Available
We are pleased to announce that Stampin' Pastels (item 120962) and the Stampin' Pastels New Color Kit (item 120963) are now available to order!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Long Week...and it's over!!!!

This has been a really long week...not a bad week...just long...and it is over....Halleluiah!!!! Tomorrow is my Stampin' Free For All....not sure if anyone is around to come...but if you are...I will be here.....I have classes and projects to work on!!!! Sunday evening, my Stampin' Friends group is going out to dinner...woo hoo!!! That is always a good time. I had planned on showing you my Convention swaps.....but I cam across this video.....and had to show it, just before I came across it....I got a call from Stampin' Up!!! Most of you know that they upped the time of my flight last minute, and I had to leave Convention about 2 hours early....BooHoo!!! They have a rule that to get any give aways, you must be in your seat...and they gave away a huge bundle of product after I left...I was so sad. When I got home I called Corporate and explained the situation...and the Service Rep I spoke with went to work for me....the call was her telling me that, yes, they would ship me the bundle of product....I can't will be like Christmas....I will post it when it all comes!!!! Then I came across this video....Stampin' Up! is such a great company to work for!!!!

These are some of the Service Reps that work at Corporate Office....What a fun place to work.....

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm always on slow motion after Convention...we are so fast and furious whle we are there, and then we get home and bammm...we crash. Everyone at work was gone an a business trip this I've been in everyday for 5 hours...and I am wiped out when I get home!!! But I'm making headway. I have a stack of things to I'm just gonna start at one end of the pile and work my way thru. This first card was my Make & Take from my Open House that I had just before Convention...If you didn't make it you missed a fun event!!! Make plans to come next year!!!!

This was a fun tri fold flip out card....I love doing different techniques with you all!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm back!!!!

Ladies...and gents....I do apologize for not posting before now.....I was having issues with my Notebook at Convention...and we got in late every night...and I barely had time to read e-mail before crashing....then I thought I would catch up at the airports, as I had lots of long layovers...but it seems that the Colorado Springs Airport is the only one that had plugs that work.....Sunday, I had so much to catch up on...and yesterday I started back to work...and this old body had a hard time with that....along with catching up on more crucial things....but I think we are good now!!! I was going thru my tote bag and came across these swaps from our all day stamp...I thought we had done more cards...but these slid down into the bottom.....

We had a pretty un-eventful trip this year...although they did bump up the time of my return flight, so I had to miss the last 2 1/2 hours of sad:( But no lost luggage or cancelled flights!!!

Will try posting a few pics later!!! Cathy

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Designer Cards

I have a friend who has been having me design some cards for her lately....I've done a few, but forgot to take pictures....but did of the very last one....which is my least favorite....she needed a birthday card for a 75 year old golfer...and I had NO golf related stamps or paper....but this is what I came up with....

Not too bad...Steven didn't like my putter....but I monkeyed around with oval punches and couldn't get them to look this is what I ended up with....I actually drew some lines on the final one.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Busy Pre Convention

Not sure how much I will get to post on here over the next week, as I wrap up all sorts of things, getting ready for Convention!!! Here is a card I found that I did for Mother's Day and never posted!!!

I sure do love these cordoroy brads...hope they have more in the upcoming Mini's!!!

I did get a call the other night...from Stampin' Up! asking if I could "Pretty Please" fill in for a Make & Take Helper at now starts the slippery slope to craziness!!! I will try and post my swaps....which again...thank you Dee!!! But if you don't hear from me in the next few days...know that I am just getting things ready...oh on top of all this, they have added more hours at work...which is a good thing...but now I have to be even more organized!!! I will be taking my Netbook with me to I hope to do a few posts there!!! Cathy

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tips and Swaps

I get to kill 2 Birds with one stone!!! I promise ... no birds killed!!!! First, let me say,what a great time I had Sunday at our All Day Stamp at Jennells.....the food was scrumptious...the company great...and I want to put out a humongous THANK YOU to Dee ... who spent the afternoon helping me with my swaps for Convention!!! Without her....I would not have them done I'm sure!!!! get to pick a card from my swaps I bring back!!!

This card is todays tip and will also be one of my swaps.....The tip is not to forget to use your Crystal Effects to highlight different stamped images....I used it here on the piece of chocolate.....but have done ducks, raindrops, name gives you one more texture to work with ....and we all know we need to get more testure into our work!!!

So this is also my first swap for Convention...will show the others later!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monkey Boy Kits!!!

Slowly, I'm getting caught up on my Kits for Sale....this one is done, but not yet up on Etsy....cost is $5.00....and he is TOO CUTE!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finally all better!!!

Whewww...I think I am finally all better from my case of food poisoning last week....boy does that take alot out of you!!!! I was pretty good yesterday until evening, then crashed early!!!! Great Open House!!! And today is our stamp clubs all Sunday Stamp at Jennells' WooHoo!!! Should be fun!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


If you are in my part of Colorado Springs this afternoon....please stop by for my Open house....New Catalogs will be, gifts, drawings, Make & Takes....and discontinued sets for sale. Check out my Class Schedule.....If you need directions give me a call at's easy to get to!!! See you here!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stamp Groups Projects

Here are the projects that we worked on 2 weekends ago at our Stampin' Friends get together!!! We did Christmas In July...can ya tell?!?!?!

This one was a Gift Tag....Too Cute!!!
Jennel designed this is gorgeous...but took 3 of us most of the day working on it....
And this was my contribution....all done with punches and dies!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Convention is coming...Yikes!!!!

Every always seems to sneek up on me no matter how hard I try to plan.....I will be leaving for convention in just over 2 weeks....and I am not ready!!! I had booked this month solid with SU events...and then I got my new now I just need to be more organized!!!! I did get my little gift for my Downline that will be attending wih me finished last night!!!!

And I have started 3 of the 4 swaps I was planning on that is good!!! Can you tell I'm excited....our conventions are just so much fun....I'd join the company jsut to go!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

First Paid Holiday

I've worked many jobs in my life.. and I guess you could say, I had paid holidays when I was Salaried....but this is really my first "Paid" holiday...WooHoo...Slept in late this morning...and am using it to catch up since we were on the go the rest of the holiday weekend...but it is so nice to just be able to move at my own pace.

Thought I'd post a pic of a box that I'm doing a contest for, for my DownLine. It's made with the Match Box and Top Note Dies....I love using these...they are so easy to make cute little gifts.

There will also be some small product in the Downline Work hard, and I truely appreciate them....if you'd like to join my me...It's a great job!!! Where else can you go to work, earn $$$ and product and play!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America!!!

I hope you are all having a safe and happy holiday....I love the 4th of July. I love my country, and all it stands for...we are so fortunate to be living in this great country!!!!

Yesterday started out very early....with us leaving to go up to north Denver to my Cousin April's house where we gathered with cousins for my Aunt and Uncles' 50th wedding anniversary....what a blast to catch up with people I haven't seen in years!!! Then we had to rush out of there...unfortunatly, as we had tickets to the Sky Sox baseball game...we go every year .... They lost but it was a good game!!! And the fireworks at the end were fabulous!!!

Today, we went over to my dear friend Donna's house for a great 4th of July Barbeque....lots of great food and great friends.....The weather was perfect....I can not think of a better way to spend the day!!!

Will post pictures tomorrow!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Color Renovation Kits

Since we have so many new changes, Stampin' Up! is offering Kits to get product that you don't have to add to your already great products.....Check these out!!!!Here

Club Swaps

This needs to be quick, I need to leave for work in a few minutes...but wanted to get a post up!!!!

These are the cards that we swapped at our Stamping Friends meeting this past week at Stephanie's house. Yummy food and great company!!! Our theme for projects was Christmas in July, and for the swap some did Christmas, and some did summer!!!!

Lasty is my swap...I did Christmas!!!!