Friday, July 30, 2010

Long Week...and it's over!!!!

This has been a really long week...not a bad week...just long...and it is over....Halleluiah!!!! Tomorrow is my Stampin' Free For All....not sure if anyone is around to come...but if you are...I will be here.....I have classes and projects to work on!!!! Sunday evening, my Stampin' Friends group is going out to dinner...woo hoo!!! That is always a good time. I had planned on showing you my Convention swaps.....but I cam across this video.....and had to show it, just before I came across it....I got a call from Stampin' Up!!! Most of you know that they upped the time of my flight last minute, and I had to leave Convention about 2 hours early....BooHoo!!! They have a rule that to get any give aways, you must be in your seat...and they gave away a huge bundle of product after I left...I was so sad. When I got home I called Corporate and explained the situation...and the Service Rep I spoke with went to work for me....the call was her telling me that, yes, they would ship me the bundle of product....I can't will be like Christmas....I will post it when it all comes!!!! Then I came across this video....Stampin' Up! is such a great company to work for!!!!

These are some of the Service Reps that work at Corporate Office....What a fun place to work.....

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