Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stamp Groups Projects

Here are the projects that we worked on 2 weekends ago at our Stampin' Friends get together!!! We did Christmas In July...can ya tell?!?!?!

This one was a Gift Tag....Too Cute!!!
Jennel designed this is gorgeous...but took 3 of us most of the day working on it....
And this was my contribution....all done with punches and dies!!!


  1. Cathy, I showed your card (the one with the candle and "joy" on it to one of the ladies that I work with and she loved it. One of her granddaughter's middle name is Joy, so she had to have the card for her granddaughter for Christmas. All our cards were great, weren't they?!

  2. Hi Cathy- we are vacationing at the Cape and having a ball with 2 families and related friends. Finally a few free minutes and checking my fav blog site. Not sure whose computer I'm using but it blocks pop ups so I can't see the cards. Only card that showed thru somehow was mine for the swap! how cosmic. But of course I would rather see the others! I know they are gorgeous and I also know you had so much fun together.

  3. I'm so jealous...the f my favorite places!!!! Have fun!!!!

  4. Sure was a fun day! Great cards and great fun!