Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tips and Swaps

I get to kill 2 Birds with one stone!!! I promise ... no birds killed!!!! First, let me say,what a great time I had Sunday at our All Day Stamp at Jennells.....the food was scrumptious...the company great...and I want to put out a humongous THANK YOU to Dee ... who spent the afternoon helping me with my swaps for Convention!!! Without her....I would not have them done I'm sure!!!! Dee....you get to pick a card from my swaps I bring back!!!

This card is todays tip and will also be one of my swaps.....The tip is not to forget to use your Crystal Effects to highlight different stamped images....I used it here on the piece of chocolate.....but have done ducks, raindrops, berries...you name it....it gives you one more texture to work with ....and we all know we need to get more testure into our work!!!

So this is also my first swap for Convention...will show the others later!!!!

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