Saturday, April 2, 2011

Leisurly Saturday.....

Today has been one of those rare leisurly days....WE got up late, and Steven made us wonderful omlettes....puttered around the house and got a few unfinished chores done, then made pizza for lunch...yum!!! Worked on bills, which I usually hate doing, because I'm usually rushed...but today was great...then I did some reading, and finally looked at my watch, and was surprised that it was 5:00....made some Chicken Chow Mein for dinner...another yumm!!!! So now, I'm working on the finishing up of my Stamper 10 class for next Friday.... Here are some cards out of my box of tricks!!!

This first one is my swap at last months stamp group....I forget what the theme was...I think it was just Spring...I wanted to use the big rick-rack die!!!

This next card is out of my goodie box, and I'm not sure what swap it was from nor who did it...but it was springy looking...and today was such a beautiful Spring day...I had to post it!!!
And lastly, are the cards we will be doing at Stamper's 10...or at least a Sneek Peek....

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