Sunday, April 10, 2011

Windy, Weekend

Another windy weekend...what's new....It throws my arthritis for a loop....all I could do today was sleep...but the headache is gone, and I'm feeling better now. Had planned on gettigng so much done much for plans. Matt's car bit the dust on have been worrying over what he is going to do for a vehicle. He needs a new engine, and can't afford it, and he still owes on the right now car till he can figure out how to pay for it all...I can't help him this time. Anyone want to buy a very used 2002 Nissan Altama...He's asking whatever is left on the loan...

Here's some cards from my Goody box:

This first one is from a swap with RMI last month....WE needed to do cute animals...I guess a ladybug qualifies???

And these were from our swap last month with Stampin'Friends!!! Will post more later.


  1. Cute laddy bug Cathy!

  2. Kathy Myers says you have a cute laddybug! :)