Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today, it finally started to warm up...good thing...Matt got a flat going out on New Year's was calling into work to let them know he would be late...only to be called back 5 minutes later...they decided to close the restaurant...the weather was so he changed the tire, and went to his girlfriends....which was closer then home. Then yesterday, on the way home...he gets a second flat...Steven thinks the spare was underinflated...and the tires were it caused it to just blow.....So today was spent taking tires off, taking them into the store, then putting tires back on...thankfully the bitter cold was not there...nor the wind!!!! And now I feel better about him having good tires on the checkbook is not liking it.

As is this weeks post....first, I needed a Guy this was quick.

Most of you know I'm not a big fan of this is a good card for me!!!
Next...I pulled these out of my pile...they were from a past swap!!!

I need to finish up class projects for after Leadership...and then get gifts for my roomates done, and swaps....Spent too much time reading Harry Potter today!!!

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