Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pat on the Back!!!

I'm so proud of myself.....I took on a little too many things this month....but vowed to stay calm, and just work thru them all...On top of all of that, my job went full-time this week!!! That is a very good thing....and I love my job....but I started to panic...then said..."triage"....list what needs to get done in order of importance...what gets done gets done...and you would be amazed at what I am getting done. Was a little late getting home from work, due to the snow....will this snow and freezing weather ever stop!!! But, I managed to cut up all the paper for my Stamper's 10 classes this week, and get the supplies all boxed up. Started the downloads for My Digital Studio, so that I can work on that at the Crop this weekend...they are taking longer then I thought...One is a 2 and half hour down load!!!! Got supplies all boxed up for the 2 classes I'm teaching at the Crop...fortunatly the paper was done a long time ago!!!! Now i just need to take all the stuff for the Crop upstairs...and set up for Friday...and then I can start cutting for Tuesdays class!!! I think I may make it!!!!

Well I thought I was gonna download pictures for you all, but guess the 2 and half hour download won't let me do an additional download...so will get those to you tomorrow!!!

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  1. Way to go Cathy, you are my hero.. good luck this weekend..